Cranmer Park Sundial Terrace Construction Updates

POSTED » October 30th, 2017

UPDATE: 1/4/2018 from SOS Committee and The Park People:

Krische Construction would like neighbors to be aware that it’s about to be NOISY at the construction site.  An extra large-size jackhammer will be onsite later this week and throughout next week to break apart the thick concrete walls of the vault. It’s expected to be LOUD. What is the vault?  It is the room under the terrace that was earlier used to store mowing equipment – it’s at the south west end, where the sidewalk leads to a door.

The SUNDIAL is SCHEDULED TO BE REMOVED next week – watch for an updated alert about timing, but Tuesday may be the day.  This will be a tricky bit of work, to lift the sundial from the terrace and place it on a truck for transportation to Erickson Monuments for restoration work.

Sundial made ready for transport out of reconstruction site.

UPDATE: 12/20 from your Association and The Park People:

The Groundbreaking ceremony for the Sundial Terrace project was held on December 18, 2017 under beautiful Colorado blue skies.  We had a good turnout of neighbors and city officials to help celebrate this long awaited event.  Please read this SOS_Groundbreaking_Press_Release_12-20-2017 from The Park People for more detail.

L-R: Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, SOS Chairwoman Denise Sanderson, Kim Yuan-Farrell of The Parks People, and DPR Executive Director Happy Haynes breaking ground for the construction to begin.

L-R: Denise Sanderson, Tracy Willis, Mary Beth Susman, Ken Malo, Andrea Dikeou, Larry Donovan and Judy Koff.

UPDATE: 12/9 from DPR and the Save Our Sundial Committee:
Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is pleased to inform the Cranmer Park community that the Sundial Terrace project will begin this month. Please join the Save our Sundial Committee, The Park People, Council District 5 and DPR in celebrating the reconstruction of the Sundial Terrace on December 18th, 2017 at 1:30PM.

To ensure future generations enjoy this much-loved landmark, the design utilizes contemporary construction practices and will effectively address the factors that have resulted in the terrace’s deterioration. The design also preserves the features that define the unique elements of the sandstone terrace such as the sundial and mosaic mountain panorama.

Site preparation will begin in December 2017 and construction is anticipated to be completed in September or October of 2018. During construction, the terrace and adjacent parking lot will remain closed to the public.

DPR appreciates the extensive support expressed by The Park People and the Save our Sundial committee for partnering on this reconstruction project. With their generous help, this project will ensure that the community continues to enjoy this treasure for years to come.

UPDATE: 11/13 (thanks to Denise Sanderson for these updates from the Committee):
The Save Our Sundial Committee of The Park People has received word from Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation that KRISCHE, the selected contractor for the reconstruction of the Sundial Plaza will be erecting the construction fencing around the entire plaza early this week. Notices that the parking lot is closed were placed at the plaza last week. It is anticipated that construction will begin as soon as possible after the final contract clears City Council – this may be in December, but more likely will be in January 2018.  It will be exciting for construction to begin after our many years of fundraising and the challenges faced with the bidding process. Donations are still welcome! To donate or for additional information please visit

Initial Post: 10/30:
Recently the city received 311 calls/reports regarding the terrace’s deteriorating conditions. After inspection by the city’s operations team, it was determined that the conditions now present public safety concerns and they have placed orange cones in areas where pavers are loose and will be placing fencing around the terrace on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 to close the terrace to public use. Signs will also be placed at the terrace indicating closure and providing information regarding the anticipated construction schedule. Additionally, the city has developed this Cranmer Closure FAQ to help respond to inquiries.

Contracting for the complete reconstruction of the terrace is underway. It is anticipated that construction with begin in early 2018, weather permitting. In the coming weeks, the temporary fencing will be placed with construction fencing by the reconstruction project contractor. The Save Our Sundial Committee of The Park People and DPR thank you for your understanding and continued support for this project.

UPDATE: Agreement Reached Regarding 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd Rezoning Application

POSTED » August 24th, 2017

January 2018 UPDATE

Many neighbors ask about the former church property on the corner of Leetsdale and Colorado Blvd and while the process to move this from eyesore to a development the neighborhood can be comfortable with has been at times frustrating and arduous (for all parties!), we are please to report on passing one more milestone.

Last fall, developers SMW Hilltop, LLC presented a new plan to the neighborhood group and Cranmer Park/ Hilltop Civic Association (CPHCA).   After discussion between the parties,  an agreement was reached on a new plan which consists of 11 buildings (22 duplexes) built around an internal lane.  Traffic to this site would come in through Bayaud on the south and Ellsworth on the north, not Colorado Blvd.  The agreement includes restrictive covenants important to the neighborhood which are part of the title to and run with the land.  This agreement allowed the developers to proceed with a request for G-RH-3 zoning.  The developers had applied for this zoning one year ago with a plan for 54 units, but were turned down by City Council by an 11-0 vote.

The next step in the process was the public hearing before the Community Planning Board in mid-January but this hit a snag in December when the City decided it needed to address the issue of “Slot Homes” and asked the developer to change the zoning from E-/SU-D to PUD-G17 rather than the agreed upon G-RH-3.  Sounds like a recipe for alphabet soup!

Following this notification by the city, all of the interested parties (the developer, neighbors, city staff and the Association’s Zoning Committee) gathered together again to reaffirm the commitment to the negotiated legal restrictive covenants on this property, including a maximum density of 11 duplexes and a maximum height of 35 feet.  The Association has written a letter supporting the project based on the agreements from this meeting.

In January, at the scheduled Community Planning Board public hearing regarding the request to  rezone the church property at 30-50 South Colorado from E-/SU-D to PUD-G17, the Planning Board voted to approve this project and recommended it for approval by City Council. That meeting will take place Monday, March 12.  We will keep you posted on the progress and encourage you to visit the Association website to see the plans and read more about this process and project.

Sue Bollman and Wende Reoch

Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association

The following letter dated August 15, 2017 details the recent progress on this development:

Dear Neighbors:

Last fall, developers SMW presented a new plan to the neighborhood group and Cranmer Park/ Hilltop Civic Association (CP/HCA)  for the church property at 30-50 South Colorado Blvd.  After discussion between the parties,  an agreement was reached on a new plan which includes restrictive covenants as discussed below. This agreement with the developers allows them to proceed with a request for G-RH-3 zoning.  The developers had applied for this zoning one year ago with a plan for 54 units, but were turned down by City Council by an 11-0 vote.

The new plan (see PDF here: 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd – 20161110) consists of 11 buildings (22 duplexes) built around an internal lane.  Traffic to this site would come in through Bayaud on the south and Ellsworth on the north, not Colorado Blvd.  There was a lot of concern about traffic backup with ingress from Colorado Boulevard.  The Declaration of Restrictive Covenants runs with the land and is enforced by the CP/HCA.  The covenants include:

  •          a maximum of 22 dwellings as defined by the city zoning code
  •          maximum permitted height of 35 feet
  •          the building form of any dwellings in limited to duplex, row house and single family residential
  •          no other building forms can be utilized
  •          each dwelling will include an enclosed garage containing a minimum of 2 parking spaces
  •          traffic access via Colorado Blvd is prohibited
  •          safety bumps and safety mirrors will be installed in the alley east of the property
  •          6 visitor parking spaces will be provided on the internal lane

In exchange for these covenants, CP/HCA will provide a letter signed by president Jay McCormick supporting the project.  These documents have been signed by both parties.

There were many negotiations required between attorneys to get these documents refined and finalized.  Much appreciation to attorney Joe Reece from the CP/HCA board for his diligence and hard work getting this accomplished.   Thanks also to attorney David Foster who did legal work on behalf of our neighborhood group.  This agreement would not have been accomplished without their advice and counsel.

This has been a long, intensive effort. We could not have accomplished this significant milestone without your ongoing support and commitment. Many thanks again!

Sue Bollman
Cranmer Park-Hilltop Civic Association

Steck Elementary School receives an Excellent “Report Card”

POSTED » October 20th, 2017



One of our neighborhood DPS Elementary Schools received distinguished ratings and ranked #1 in the DPS System on their 2017 School Performance Framework (SPF) results.  Robin Kline, Principal of Steck Elementary School invites you to an upcoming community meeting to talk about these results on November 8, 2017 at 3:15pm in the Steck Auditorium.

Here is the notice and invite letter:

Here is a link to the 2017 SPF Reports

Here is a link to the Steck results

Leaf Drop 2017 – Weekends NOV. 4 – 19, 11 AM TO 3 PM at Cranmer Park

POSTED » October 7th, 2017

Keep the streets clean and your fall leaves out of the landfill by composting them through Denver Recycles’ annual LeafDrop program.  Go to the DenverGov website to see all the details.

Leaves collected during LeafDrop will be commercially composted, and the final compost product will be sold to Denver residents at Denver Recycles’ annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale in early May.   To maximize the quality of the composted leaves, Denver Recycles is encouraging residents to use brown paper leaf bags in place of plastic bags. Ace Hardware is offering a Coupon to get a FREE 5-pack of brown paper leaf bags.  Go to the DenverGov website to download the coupon. 

Please join us for the 2017 Annual Meeting

POSTED » October 5th, 2017

Please join us for the Annual Meeting of the Cranmer Park / Hilltop Civic Association
Date/sun dialTime: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM
Location: Graland Fieldhouse, 2nd Floor Conference Room
Address:  55 Clermont Street.

Enter via 1 st Avenue gate thru the south doors to the Fieldhouse.  Follow signs to the 2nd floor conference room.

There will be updates on projects in and around the neighborhood. We will hear from our elected officials and our Denver Police Dept. representative(s). Nominations for Directors have closed – nominations must have been received by Oct 20, 2017 (5 days prior to this meeting).  Our slate of Directors to be elected to serve until 2020 includes the following Hilltop residents:  Randy Burgess, Larry Cohen, Jeff Cuneo, Larry Donovan, JoAnna Moldow, Jeff Poland, Steven Segal, Ann Spoor, Susan Sweeney, Pat Wall, and Andrew Walvoord

We hope to see you there!

Agenda for Meeting with list of nominees:  Annual Meeting Agenda 2017

Town Hall on Thursday, October 12th

POSTED » October 2nd, 2017

District 5 City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman invites you to join her at a Town Hall on October 12

Councilwoman Susman will be holding a town hall on Thursday, October 12th, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at Cableland.  Details on location/directions are below.

Rutt Bridges, author of Driverless Car Revolution, will be speaking on how autonomous vehicles will change our lives. Many experts believe AVs will be commonplace on our roads in the next 5-10 years. Rutt Bridges speaks extensively around the US on the potential impact of this technology. For a preview, here is a recent article on the subject from the Denver Post.

It is a prospect that poses questions for city builders, policy-makers, and all citizens. How will AVs affect city traffic and congestion? Will AVs compete with or complement current public transit systems? How will land use change as the need for parking goes down and the need for drop-off locations rise?

Councilwoman Susman will also provide an update on happenings in the district and the city and wants to hear what’s on your mind.

Town Hall Details: The town hall will be held on October 12th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at Cableland. Cableland is located at 4150 E Shangri La Drive just off of Leetsdale and E Cedar Ave. A map of the location can be found here and is also pictured below. FREE VALET PARKING IS PROVIDED. Please do not park on neighboring streets. Light refreshments will be served.

Now You Can Pay Memberships Online

POSTED » September 24th, 2017

In an effort to use our Association resources more wisely, we have added the ability to pay your membership online.  This will help us reduce printing and postage expenses for membership communication and allow us to use these funds for more projects and events in the neighborhood.  Household Membership payment by check is still $25.00.  If you use our convenient online payment option, there is an additional $1.00 transaction fee.  Joining the Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association is an important investment in your neighborhood. Your support lets us:

  • Direct monetary grants to schools and parks for capital improvements
  • Pay for expenses associated with organizing community forums or meetings on topics of importance to the neighborhood
  • Annual Halloween Parade and the July 4th Community Picnic at Cranmer Park
  • Candidate Debates
  • Work on Zoning, Traffic and Development related matters on behalf of the neighborhood
  • Advocate for our Parks
  • Make sure your voice is heard in City Government
  • Work to improve safety and reduce crime

Of the approximately 2500 households in Hilltop, we still only have a fraction of residents joining our organization. Remember the more that participate (through membership fees or volunteering), the more we can do for the neighborhood. You can become a member or renew your membership online by clicking on the Pay Dues Online button on the web site or printing our  membership form and mailing to our Treasurer.  Thank you for helping to make the Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association a success!

Hilltop Halloween Parade Thank You!

POSTED » September 21st, 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Hilltop Halloween Parade  –  our annual costume parade and party which starts at Cranmer Park near the Sundial and then winds its way down 2nd Avenue through the neighborhood to Robinson Park for a post-parade celebration. The beautiful weather, delicious pizza, fun games and great neighborhood community made this another terrific event. We would like to take a moment to thank all of the volunteers, co-sponsors and coordinators who made this event possible.

Many thanks to Kelli Barton Real Estate: Coldwell Banker Devonshire, Denice Reich and Stephanie Goldammer: RE/Max Alliance, The Hilltop Squad – Carmelo Paglialunga and Peter Blank, Jack Zamora, MD, Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, Park Burger, Pete’s Fruits & Vegetables and the members of the CPHCA. Sponsorship dollars cover all of the event permitting and rental fees, games, prizes, pizza and treats. Additionally, sponsors donated their time and energy to put on this event. We would like to extend a special thank you to Denice Reich and Stephanie Goldammer for coordinating this year’s parade. Thank you both so much for your time, hard work and leadership!

We also wish to thank all the neighbors who donated canned food items to send the Denver Rescue Mission – we delivered three large plastic tubs of canned food items this year.

We are looking for a new parade coordinator for next year – someone who likes to throw parties or loves the parade and wants to see this wonderful neighborhood tradition continue.  Please contact us for more information.

Many thanks from all of us in The Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association


Celebrate Independence Day at our Community Picnic on July 1, 2017

POSTED » May 30th, 2017

Join us at Cranmer Park for a good old fashioned Independence Day picnic on Saturday, July 1st from 6:00pm until the last sparkle of the Glendale Fireworks, beautifully visible from the park.

We’ll have an assortment of sweet and savory food trucks and The
Denver Municipal Brass Band will play patriotic, jazz and popular music while we wait for the Glendale Fireworks to begin, typically around 9 or 9:30pm when it becomes dark enough.  You are welcome to bring your own picnic baskets and beverages, along with lawn chairs, blankets and games to play.  Be sure to arrive early to meet the Denver Fire Department’s Fire Crew and see their Fire Engine up close – kids love this!

This relaxing and fun event is co-hosted by the Cranmer Park-Hilltop Civic Association and City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman.

Help us spread the word for this fun event with your neighbors throughout the Hilltop, Crestmoor, Mayfair, Hale and Cherry Creek North neighborhoods.

Food trucks coming to our July 1 event are:

Wheels on Fire – awesome, wood fired pizza with a delicious variety of traditional and gourmet topping styles.
Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs – wide and wild variety of gourmet dogs from the Alaska Reindeer Sausage to the German Veal Brat and the gold standard Hebrew National Hot Dog. Whatever your choice, it’s sure to be delicious.
Roll It Up Sushi – street rolls, bowls and amazing sides.  Their mission is simple: take haute sushi mobile.
Beef King – authentic Chicago-style Italian Beef sandwiches and more.  Vegan and Gluten free options available.

Save room for the sweet stuff!   Both back by popular demand and super delicious: High Point Creamery &  Gigi’s Cupcakes

DPR Game Plan Survey – your input is requested!

POSTED » April 20th, 2017

Do you value Denver’s park system and recreational programs and amenities?

The Denver Parks and Recreation Game Plan survey is now open! Your voice and input is invaluable. This survey will be open through May 31, 2017. It is available in English and Spanish. Click here to access the survey. At the end of the survey, you will have a chance to win $50 to Target as a thank you for your time. Help us spread the word to your neighbors!

About the Game Plan:

The Game Plan is Denveright’s community planning effort that creates a prioritized roadmap for adapting our parks system and recreational programming and amenities to meet the growing and changing needs of our city over the next 20 years. In a city as active and outdoor-oriented as Denver, our great parks system is essential to our quality of life. The Game Plan is an update of the initial guide adopted in 2003 that helped define Denver’s investments in park and recreational amenities throughout the city. Now is the time to focus on the continued evolution of our park and recreation system with particular consideration to our changing needs for recreation, public health, sustainability and resiliency in the face of growth, climate change and the dynamic changes happening in our city.

For questions about the Game Plan process, email:
If you are part of an organization that would like paper versions of this survey­­ dropped off, please email with the request.

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