Our Zoning Committee is composed of volunteers from the neighborhood with expertise in architecture, finance, real estate, law, and other fields.  Tom Hart is Chair of the Committee and it meets on a case by case basis.

The following are updates of activity in and around our neighborhood:

Cableland designated Denver Landmark!

4150 East Shangri La Drive, otherwise known as Cableland, was approved by the City Council at their meeting on 29 April as Hilltop’s newest Historic Landmark.  The property is owned by the City and managed by the Daniels Foundation, which nominated it for designation.  The Landmarks Preservation Commission agreed, based on Cableland’s association with Bill Daniels as well as it being a rare and fine example of residential Post-Modern architecture.  Mr. Daniels was a well-known Denver entrepreneur and philanthropist.  He was known as the “father of cable television”.  He donated Cableland to the City of Denver to be used as it’s official Mayor’s residence (although no Mayor has resided there since).  Your Association canvased the immediate neighbors and, finding there was no objection to the designation we supported this addition to our limited (but growing) list of designated Landmarks in our neighborhood.  For more information on Denver Landmarks and preservation, here is a link: https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/community-planning-and-development/landmark-preservation.html

10 South Colorado Boulevard rezoned

The vacant land at 10 South Colorado Boulevard (the southeast corner of Colorado Boulevard and Ellsworth Avenue) has been rezoned from E-SU-D to E-TU-C.  The City Council approved this at their meeting on 29 April.  This designation will allow the construction of two duplex units facing Colorado Boulevard.  The owners of the property initially approached the immediate neighbors and the Association in February of 2018 with their ideas.  Meetings and discussions took place and they accepted our suggestions regarding an acceptable rezoning designation and development approach.  Based on the cooperation between the owners, neighbors and the Association, we supported the proposed rezoning.  We’re excited to have additional housing options available in our neighborhood.

Property on the west side of Colorado Blvd sold

The vacant land at the northwest and southwest corners of Colorado Boulevard and 1st Avenue, as well as the property at the northwest and southwest corners of Colorado Boulevard and Bayaud Avenue were recently sold.  These properties are currently zoned G-RH-3 at 1st and Colorado, G-MU-3 at the southwest corner of Colorado and Bayaud, and a PUD at the old Peeper’s Optical property at the northwest corner of Colorado and Bayaud, so current zoning will limit construction to three stories.  The properties are also within the Cranmer Park View Plane.  We have not seen any proposals yet. Additional information can be found in this article from BusinessDen  

Blueprint Denver

The Denver City Council recently adopted Comprehensive Plan 2040 and Blueprint Denver.  Additional information can be found on the City website: https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denveright/news/2019/Comp_Plan_Blueprint_Denver_Adoption.html

Board of Adjustment

Your Association continues to be notified of issues around our neighborhood regarding various cases before the Board of Adjustment.  These cases include fences, garages, additions, etc. that have been built without a permit or are being proposed to be built and/or/would violate the Zoning or other City Codes.  We find ourselves mediating between neighbors and the City, although we typically support the Code.  To avoid the headaches and heartaches involved in these cases before the BOA; Please always get a permit before building anything on your property!