Permit Requests, Board of Adjustment Decisions and Public Hearing Schedules

BOA Hearing Policies

BOA Records – You can view the upcoming hearing schedule, as well as recently filed appeals and recent decisions for the past two months.  Additionally, you can search for previous case records by case number, address, subject matter, or case outcome.

Notices we have received (most recent on top):

Hearing Date 12/14/2021 at 9:00am for BOA Case #107-2021 (181 N Dexter Street)
Inspector: Bridgette Trujillo.  Subject: New Urban House Building Form oriented toward Cherry Street rather than Dexter Street, resulting in primary and accessory structure violations.

Decision for BOA Case 57-2021 on 6.16.21 (4201 East 2nd Avenue)

Decision for BOA Case #71-20 (164 So. Fairfax Street)

Decision for BOA Case #57-20 (370 N. Dahlia Street): dec.57-

Hearing Date 8/4/2020 at 10:00am for BOA Case #57-20 (370 N. Dahlia Street).  Case #57-20 Application and 360+370 N Dahlia St drawings 2020 0611

Request for a Zoning Permit with Informational Notice (ZPIN) for a portion of a fence that exceeds the maximum fence height. (136 N. Ash Street).  Dec. 5, 2019 Deadline for questions, comments or objections.

Hearing Date 12/3/2019 at 9:30am for BOA Case #173-19 (70 N. Clermont Street) – notice tba

Decision for BOA Case #117-19 (350 North Fairfax Street) – dec.117-

Decision for BOA Case #106-19 (395 North Dexter Street) – dec.106-

Decision for BOA Case #112-19 (60 South Glencoe Street) – dec.112-

Decision for BOA Case # 179-18 (451 Hudson Street) – dec.179- and dec 179-18modification 8.17.20201

Decision for BOA Case #74-19 (370 Ash Street) – dec.74-

Decision for BOA Case #61-19 (758 Elm Street) – dec.61-

Decision for BOA Case #194-18 (5530 East 2nd Avenue) –

Decision for BOA Case #174-18 (131 Fairfax Street) –