Please note: these are two separate properties and property developers but we have combined the notices because the properties are adjacent to one another.

30-50 S. Colorado Blvd.

The CPHCA, the developer, and adjacent neighbors recently reached agreement regarding the rezoning of this former church site.  Documents have been signed to restrict development to no more than 11 duplexes (22 units) with a maximum height of 35 feet.  Units will have enclosed 2 car garages.  The property will be accessed by a private alley between Albion and Colorado Blvd and will include a small internal lane.  Visitor parking will be available along this lane.  This rezoning request will go before city council for a public hearing on March 12.  Per the developers, demolition of the church is tentatively scheduled for January, 2018.

50 South Colorado Blvd Site Plan

50 South Colorado Blvd. Elevations-1020

UPDATE 4/2018
The City Council approved the rezoning of this church property to a PUD based on the G-RH-3 with waivers designation on March 12th.  The developers are working with the City agencies for approval of their site plan.  Sue Bollman, a nearby neighbor and member of the Assn’s BOD, has been in contact with them and informed that, due to asbestos, the demolition of the church will probably not happen until late this year (2018).

UPDATE 1/2019
The developers are working on the design of the project and were planning the demolition of the church for the 2QTR 2019, with construction <most likely> starting in 3QTR 2019.

UPDATE 11/2019
At a community meeting held at Graland, the developer explained the demolition and movement forward on the project was not able to occur due to a contractual obligation the previous owner, the Church, entered into with Verizon Wireless.  They hold a valid lease for a cell tower located in the church building that could continue thru 2023.  A representative for Verizon Wireless attended the meeting and assured neighbors the company was working on relocating the cell tower.  In the meantime, the property owner has taken steps to ensure the safety of the community and the neighborhood by limiting access to the site.

The Denver Police Department is aware of the community’s concerns and taking steps to help maintain the safety and security of the property. If you see anyone at this location, please call 911 and report it immediately.

UPDATE 9/2021
We have learned the property was sold this month to a Denver based company, First Stone Development and they intend to demolish the church as soon as they receive a permit to do so.  Read more details here in a Denver Post article on the project.  Your Civic Assn and nearby neighbors negotiated an agreement with the previous developer/property owner that is attached to the deed and binds the new developer/property owner to the terms we negotiated.  We note here the proposed development from First Stone Development is 20 units, which is less than the negotiated agreement maximum. Updated floor plans here:

10 S. Colorado Blvd.

An application to rezone this parcel immediately north of the 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd project was received in January 2018.  The application shows two duplex units (for a total of four dwellings) with access off the alley to a two-car garage for each unit. This rezoning request will go before the planning board and city council soon and we will keep the neighborhood informed.  Here is the application and concept plan. 

UPDATE 4/2018
Sue Bollman arranged a meeting between the owner’s rep/architect, Jeff Cline, and the immediate neighbors which was held on April 9th.  The meeting was well attended (thanks Sue!).  Jeff presented drawings showing what they intend to build, which are two-duplex buildings.  The neighbors were generally supportive of this proposal.  Comments and questions were directed more at materials and protection from the noise on Colorado Blvd. than on the development approach.  They were initially going to request a rezoning to G-RH-3, because that’s what the adjacent property (30-50 S. Colo Blvd) has received.  However this approach would have necessitated restrictive covenants.  At the suggestion of Tom Hart, our Assn’s Zoning Committee Chair, the developer will now request a rezoning to E-TU-C.  This will maintain the “Urban Edge” designation that the majority of Hilltop has, and will restrict them to the two-duplex buildings they are proposing.

UPDATE 1/2019

Here is the updated application and current concept plan. 

UPDATE 2/2019
The Official Map Amendment Planning Board Notice was received on 2/19/2019.  Public hearing is set for Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 3pm in the Parr-Widener Community Room (#389), City & County Bldg at 1437 Bannock St.