Yard Signs – Be Mindful of the Right of Way

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Election season reminder – corrugated plastic cannot be recycled by the city but can be dropped off at the Cherry Creek Transfer Station.  Click here to see some options for political signs from Nov 2020 

It is fall and the election season is upon us. It is a good time to review the city’s policies for yard signs

More and more neighbors are expressing themselves and promoting causes, candidates and/or businesses and it might help to share the regulations regarding signs in Denver and in our neighborhood. Political and other noncommercial signs may be displayed on private property in accordance with zoning regulations.  Specifically:

On residential property:
Political and noncommercial signs are limited to the following types:

    • Wall signs
    • Window signs
    • Ground signs not more than 6 feet above grade, unless mounted to a single pole no taller than 25 feet
    • Signs shall be maintained in a clean, orderly, and sightly condition
    • Signs shall not be animated, and shall not flash, blink, or fluctuate
    • Signs shall not be illuminated
    • No sign may be larger than 15 square feet in size

Please be aware, no signs may be placed in the public right-of-way, (aka the tree lawn).  This includes median strips, highwayentrance and exit ramps, or attached to traffic signs and posts, and utility poles.

Neighbors should be mindful of the public right-of-way measurements when placing your signs – during a past election a few neighbors along the 6th Ave Parkway had their signs removed because they were placed too close to the street in the ROW.  Here is a helpful link to other Parkway Guidelines, Rules and Regs.

Our Hilltop neighborhood has two Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO), including our Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association.  We do not have the authority (or desire) to restrict a resident’s right to express their opinions as a Homeowners Association (HOA) might.  Here is an explanation of the differences between an HOA and an RNO.

Sign Ordinances 

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