From the Denver Parent Magazine/Net – June 25, 2019
By Susan Williams  

Fireworks Are Illegal in the City and County of Denver

Fireworks are illegal in Denver. Every year, numerous complaints, injuries, and fires associated with the unlawful use of fireworks in Denver have occurred. The Denver Police and Fire Departments actively enforce violations of the Fireworks ordinance with penalties upward from hundreds of dollars in fines and/or court costs, and possibly up to one year in jail.

Under the International Fire Code, Section #33, adopted by the City and County of Denver, the law reads:

3301.1.3: Possession, manufacture, storage, sale,  handling, and use of fireworks are prohibited.

3301.2.2: “No person shall construct a retail display nor offer for sale…explosive materials, or fireworks.”

3302.1: Definition – Fireworks: “Any composition or device for the purpose of producing a visible or an audible effect for entertainment purposes by combustion, deflagration or detonation…,1.4G Fireworks, formerly known as Class C, or 1.3G Fireworks, formerly known as Class B-Special Fireworks.

Colorado Law on the Sale and Use of Fireworks

According to the Colorado General Assembly’s Legislative Council, fireworks that are always illegal for private use in Colorado include firecrackers, rockets (including bottle rockets), roman candles, cherry bombs, mortars and similar items, such as M-80s. And, anyone selling fireworks in Colorado must first obtain a license.

Colorado law regulates the sale and use of fireworks. It’s illegal for people to use anything other than permissible fireworks in Colorado. Firework professionals can be granted permits by a state or local government for performance displays in accordance with industry standards.

Permissible fireworks are non-explosive and are not intended to leave the ground. They are small firework devices that produce audible or visual effects through combustion.

Types of Permissible Fireworks in Colorado outside of Denver

Permissible fireworks in the state are as follows:

  • Fountains,
  • Ground spinners,
  • Illuminating torches;
  • Dipped sticks and sparklers;
  • Toy propellants;
  • Trick noisemakers
  • Tube devices

Permissible fireworks may not contain more than 50 milligrams of explosive composition.

After obtaining a license to sell fireworks that cannot be used in Colorado may be sold within the state for export purposes by vendors with an export license. Anyone who purchases illegal fireworks in Colorado must have an out-of-state driver’s license and proof of a valid out-of-state motor vehicle registration. Anyone with an out-of-state wholesale or retail license may also purchase illegal fireworks. It is illegal for anyone not licensed as a display retailer, exporter, or wholesaler to bring any fireworks purchased in other states into Colorado.