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June 24, 2022 / Comments (0)


We welcome a new partner, STROLL Hilltop, in helping us connect with our neighbors and local businesses through an exclusive and luxury neighborhood magazine.

Published by the N2 Company, (you may remember their previous magazine, The Sundial), STROLL Hilltop is a monthly social magazine written by the residents & for the residents of the Hilltop neighborhood.

“We landed on [Stroll] for many reasons. A stroll is relaxing, never rushed, and allows for the opportunity to meet neighbors and even hear their stories- all things I hope you find true every time you read through an issue of this publication,” shared Krista Palmer, STROLL Hilltop’s Area Director.

We are so pleased to work again with the team at STROLL Hilltop and invite you to join the effort as well as contribute to the magazine.  They are looking for following types of articles each month,  so if you are interested in contributing content, or are a resident business and want your business featured, email your ideas and photos to [email protected].

PICTURES – We love pictures! Parties, graduations, family events, kids playing, holiday gatherings, and more! One of the best parts of your new community magazine is the involvement of neighbors. Pictures are an easy way to help support the look of the magazine and bring smiles to your neighbors and friends. Digital photographs with high-quality capability are the way to go here – the more pixels, the better! Simply send an attachment of the pictures in an email to [email protected].

NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS – Any activity going on in the neighborhood or the surrounding area such as parades, block parties, barbecues, neighborhood clean-ups, social events, book clubs, school picnics, fundraisers, pool parties, or golf events. We want to let you know what events are coming up and highlight events that have taken place!

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR – This is where we get to spotlight one of the neighborhood families or residents each month. Each resident or family is able to share their story. Popular questions to answer are How long have you lived in the neighborhood? Where is your hometown? What are your hobbies and interests? What is your passion? What is your career?

PRECIOUS PETS – If you have a pet and want them to be famous, nominate them for our “Precious Pets” article. Pets are our pride and joy, so let us feature yours! Past famous animals have been turtles, rabbits, birds, horses, dogs, cats, a pig, and much more, so have fun with this one!

RESIDENT RECIPE – This is where you can let some of your cooking secrets out to the neighborhood! All that is required are the ingredients and preparation advice, but a photo is always nice, too!

ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT – Whether you are 1 or 100, a ballerina or a football player, this section is for you! Sports are a big part of most people’s lives, and we would like to highlight some great athletes from the neighborhood.

NEW ARRIVALS – This is a section designed to welcome new babies into the neighborhood, as well as congratulate proud parents and grandparents. Please include basic birth information along with those precious baby photos!

YOUNG ACHIEVERS – Parents, do you want another way to recognize or congratulate your kids on their sports, academics, or other activities/achievement? Use us! This should include pictures along with what they achieved. Examples include black belt, honor roll, straight As, scholarships, state champs, volunteer work, graduation, music, theater, or just simply telling them you’re proud of them.

TRAVEL TALES – If you or anyone you know has gone on a vacation and would like to share their experience, then this is the place to be. This gives your friends and neighbors the chance to feel your experience and see if it would be a good fit for their own vacation! Pictures are always a favorite feature, as well.

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT – We want to recognize the hardworking volunteers of the neighborhood. This is a chance to let others know about your passion for an organization and a chance to bring awareness to the cause or mission; plus, maybe your neighbors would want to get involved, too. Giving back to the community is a big deal, and we want to recognize you for it! 

We are honored to be recognized as a neighborhood worthy of a custom monthly publication- How exStrolldinary is that?! Keep an eye out for your monthly publication in the mail.

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