Want to learn about your house or your neighborhood’s history?

December 29, 2018 / Comments (0)

General News

The online newsletter, Denverite, recently shared a week’s worth of maps on a wide range of topics including the “L” – a socioeconomic map of Denver (must read IMO), capping the series off with reporter Kevin Beatty’s  guide to creating maps and a very helpful tutorial from Hannah Parris, a librarian at the Denver Public Library.  Parris’ Denver Building History Tutorial includes info on how to find who built or lived in your home, how to locate photographs or building plans of your home if they are available and more.  And if you are interested in the history of the Hilltop neighborhood, DPL has 3 copies of former Hilltop resident Alice Millett Bakemeier’s wonderful but unfortunately no longer in print book, Hilltop Heritage.  Happy researching!

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