Thefts from vehicles is one of the most commonly reported crimes in our district and across the city. Since home burglaries have occurred following vehicle break-ins at another location, such as a parking garage, never have anything in your vehicle that shows your home address. Registration and insurance cards should be in the possession of the operator of the vehicle.

The top six items taken from vehicles are:

  1. GPS Units
  2. Purses
  3. Drivers’ licenses
  4. Cell phones
  5. Electronic Devices such as iPod/MP3 players, iPads, etc
  6. Credit cards

To help prevent Thefts From Motor Vehicles:

  • Always lock all doors and close windows.
  • Never leave anything of value in plain sight.
  • Never leave anything that looks like it might contain something of value in sight.
  • Park in well lit, busy areas when possible.
  • Close and lock garage doors and side gates.

And the Denver Police Department reminds you that it is illegal to leave your car running unattended.