Robinson Park Playground Project

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General News

Neighbors accept the challenge to make sure the Robinson Park Renewal Project is fully funded and the additional upgrades are included in the final design – details coming soon.

Latest rendering (May 2020) of the Robinson Park Renewal project.

5/21 Update on Robinson Park Playground Project

We are happy to report the Dept of Parks & Rec (DPR) and the Dept of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) have found a solution to add the 2nd Ave sidewalk back in to the project as it is an,” important amenity to the project to help with safety of pedestrians in this community.”

Funding for this project came from the Elevate Denver Bond for improvements to the playground and basketball court (totaling $750,000).  When the community expressed a desire for additional walks, DPR began exploring various opportunities for sidewalks in the park.  There was some confusion created at the Oct 2019 public meeting as a result of discussions between DOTI and DPR staff about the possibility of DOTI funding a sidewalk along 2nd Ave. Per that discussion, the project consultant added a sidewalk into the design drawing that was utilized at the public meeting. It should have been clarified at that public meeting that if DPR was able to add a sidewalk to 2nd Ave. it would not be part of the Bond Project and would need to be a separate joint project by DOTI and DPR.  The addition of a sidewalk to the project would slow the project down as it adds major complexities (the slope of the park and the existing trees and irrigation system present a challenge to placing a sidewalk on 2nd Ave.)

Councilwoman Sawyer deserves thanks for strongly advocating for the two departments to find a solution.  DPR is currently at 90% design completion and hopes to bid the project this summer, with construction beginning in early 2021.

4/30 Update on Robinson Park Playground Project
As many of you know, the City of Denver was planning on updating and modernizing Robinson Park.  A community survey was undertaken and a community meeting took place at Carson Elementary School where neighbors provided feedback to city officials.  Many of you weighed in on what you would like to see done at the park.  Survey Results Here.
Our Civic Association recently learned that the Robinson Park improvements discussed and proposed by the city earlier in the year have been changed.  The primary reason given by the city is the expected shortfall in revenues brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic.
Presently, the city is proposing to only fund the redesign and modernization of the (1) Playground and (2) Basketball Court.
The Second Avenue sidewalks are not part of the redesign and modernization, although they were discussed at the meeting by city staff and neighbors.
At this point, we are seeking feedback from the neighborhood regarding the proposed changes.  We understand that city revenues have diminished given the present circumstances facing our community.  However, we are concerned that the wishes and expectations of our neighborhood are having less of an impact than we might have hoped.
We ask you to email us – [email protected] – and provide your insight and position regarding these changes.
As your neighborhood civic association, we would like to hear from you before we take any formal position with the city.  We also encourage you to share your thoughts with City Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, whose office has advocated against the proposed changes and is awaiting a response from the city, and with the District 5 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board member, Meredith Levy.

12/5 Update on the Robinson Park Playground Project

For your reading and viewing pleasure we have the preliminary Robinson Park Playground Enlargement Plan from DPR and a report and photos from the November 19 Community meeting by our neighbor, Laura Mitzner Paletz.  Thank you Laura for attending the meeting and writing a recap with accompanying photos.   We will continue to keep you updated as this project progresses.

At this phase in the project we do not yet have any elevations or additional renderings aside from this preliminary plan which may change slightly based on reviews and feedback.

Project Timeline:The final design is anticipated to be complete mid-2020, with construction beginning in early 2021. The anticipated completion date for the park improvements will be Fall of 2021.

Project Scope:
Located in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood, Robinson Park’s playground and basketball court are currently being redesigned with input from the surrounding community.  Accessibility upgrades and improvements to the adjacent picnic facilities and landscape may also be included as the project budget allows.

Robinson Park Resident Feedback Report

By: Laura Mitzner Paletz

On Tuesday night, November 19, Hilltop community members gathered to give feedback on the renovation plans for the Robinson Park Improvements. A dozen residents and I were able to attend and give feedback using green/red stickers and comment cards. Boards were set up around the gym perimeter of Carson Elementary displaying the site plans for the future park, the new amenities that will be added, and the results of the resident online survey.

Among the list of improvements the Denver Parks and Recreation team are proposing include expanding the playground into two separate areas, one playground for younger children (0-5 years) and a playground for older children (6-12 years). Residents were able to weigh in on which amenities they wanted to see in each playground, such as types of swings, slides, and jungle gyms. Most residents preferred a more modern look to the playground with some organic wooden elements to make the space feel more “Colorado”.  Climbing logs, a new sandbox, and multiple merry-go-rounds are also being proposed. 

Another notable improvement is a sidewalk connection linking the North, West, and South sides of the park by adding a southern perimeter sidewalk (to be funded by Public Works) and ramping the walkway down the hill and through the playgrounds. 

The basketball court is to be resurfaced and multiple charcoal grills and picnic tables are to be added. Finally, the bathrooms will be receiving new finishes and paint but will not be fully replaced. 

The architects have now completed conceptual design and will incorporate resident feedback into construction documentation. After permitting, construction is estimated to begin Fall of  2020 and hopefully completed by Summer of 2021. 

Double click on each image to enlarge.

We are excited to announce that Robinson Park’s playground and basketball court are currently being redesigned with input from the surrounding community.  Accessibility upgrades and improvements to the adjacent picnic facilities and landscape may also be included as the project budget allows.

The online park user survey is open through Oct. 9, 2019please take a few minutes to tell us about your priorities for Robinson Park and what elements you’d like to see in the playground redesign. Don’t forget to share the survey with your neighbors!

This project is funded through the Elevate Denver Bond Program, approved by voters in 2017 to enhance mobility, safety, and quality of life across Denver.  Additional funding provided by Capital Improvement Program (CIP) dollars.  Design should be complete by mid-2020, with construction beginning in early 2021.  The project has an anticipated completion date in the Fall of 2021. 

How Can I Be Involved?  

Survey Results Here

  • Additional input will be solicited in a public open house on November 19th at Carson Elementary School from 6:00-8:00PM.  Concept designs will be shared with the public, and those in attendance will have the opportunity to share their opinions.   Recap of Meeting Here.

Learn more about this project, upcoming public meetings, and how to get involved at

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