Update on Denver Waterways and Water Quality from At-Large Councilwoman Deborah Ortega

February 25, 2019 / Comments (0)

General News

From Councilwoman Ortega’s February News and Views:

“Particularly in the Western United States, the movement of water has shaped our cities and continues to do so. Water flow through Denver is directed by the high plains and foothills topography of the front range, flowing down gutter, gulley, and street towards larger outflows like the South Platte. Waterways on this landscape are historically prone to flooding and the patterns of flood control and water movement have critical environmental and safety impacts on Denver. There are many projects underway around Denver for flood control, restoration and water quality. Click here to learn more about waterway projects, including the Denver Urban Waterways Study, The High Line Canal, the Park Hill Detention System, and the Montclair Basin Stormwater Projects.”

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