Denver and Hilltop Trivia – How Many Can YOU Answer Correctly?

1. Like all major cities, Denver as a theft problem when it comes to street signs.  Put the following street names in the order of theft popularity.
A) Corona Street
B) High Street
C) Garfield Street
D) Hooker Street

2. The holiday season in Denver is not complete without a trip to view the light display at the City and County Building.  Few people know that the tradition began in 1914 when a local electrician dipped some clear lights in various colored paints to amuse his bedridden child.  The electrician was hired as a consultant to oversee Denver’s display.  Still in business today, the electrician’s company bears his name.  It is:
A) Candlelight Electric Company
B) Piper Electric Company
C) Sturgeon Electric Company
D) McBride Electric Company

3. Ben Stapleton served as Mayor of Denver twice . . . from 1923 to 1931 and again from 1935 to 1947.  It is well documented that Stapleton had a drinking problem.  Which of the following was Stapleton’s pet preventative for avoiding a whiskey hangover?
A) Follow every other shot with a bicarbonate of soda
B) Consume a complete stick of butter before drinking
C) Drink a quart of water with 8 Bayer aspirin
D) Eat a half loaf of sourdough bread before binging

4. Like all comparably sized cities in the 1950s, Denver had an office of Civil Defense.  The City was prepared for an atomic blast and its aftermath.  Which of the following was used as the A-bomb epicenter for disaster preparedness?
A) Union Station
B) Stapleton Airfield
C) Rocky Flats
D) The Federal Center

5. Television came to Denver in 1952 when KFEL, channel 2 went on the air.  The only way to receive the programming was via a rooftop antenna, which required a city permit.  What Denver neighborhood applied for the majority of one-dollar permits?
A) Wellshire
B) Hilltop
C) Baker
D) Capitol Hill

6. True or False?  The Beatles 1964 appearance at Red Rocks was the only venue in their U.S. Tour that was not a sellout.

7. The legendary Caribou Ranch recording studio outside of Nederland was the inspirational choice for many pop and rock and roll stars in the 1970s and 80s.  Who from the following list of vocalists did not record at the ranch?
A) Elton John
B) John Denver
C) John Lennon
D) Frank Zappa

8. What north Denver restaurant was formerly owned by the Smaldone organized crime family?
A) Patsy’s
B) Parisi’s
C) Gaetano’s
D) Pagliacci’s

9. What north and south roadway is State Highway 2?
A) Santa Fe Drive
B) Broadway
C) Colorado Blvd
D) Federal Blvd

10. The steel used in the Light Rail tracks as part of the massive T-REX expansion was recycled from what venerable Denver landmark?
A) The 23rd street and Speer viaducts
B) The Argo Tower
C) Mile High Stadium
D) All of the above

11. Which Denver street was once partially an airplane runway?
A) Stapleton Boulevard
B) Sixth Avenue
C) Central Park Boulevard
D) Lowry Boulevard

12. The design for what parkway included detached sidewalks but they never were installed because of the city’s economic situation during the great Depression followed by the ramp up to WW II?

A) Colorado Boulevard
B) Montview Boulevard
C) 6th Avenue Parkway
D) 7th Avenue Parkway

13. Which Denver personality was the longest running host of a TV show in his/her genre ever in the United States?
A) Dusty Saunders
B) Reynelda Muse
C) Blinky
D) Adele Arakawa


Trivia Answers Here!