Tree Removal Explanation

November 3, 2022 / Comments (0)


The large American Elm tree at the SW corner of 6th Avenue Pkwy and Clermont St Pkwy has been marked for removal.  Several neighbors concerned about the removal of the tree have received the following explanation from the DOTI:

Thank you for reaching out.
At this location, the city is installing sidewalks and ADA ramps as part of our efforts to close sidewalk gaps in the city, and create a complete network for walking. With the new sidewalk and ramp infrastructure, we’re making an important connection for people crossing on foot from the north side of the parkway on Clermont, and from the bus stop in the Clermont median to the school campus at Clermont and 5th Ave. There is currently no good connection to the campus, and there has been much interest from the community to improve this access. The tree at the corner of 6th and Clermont that sits right at the edge of the curb and gutter has been the subject of careful study and several meetings between DOTI and Forestry. The tree is a safety issue as it blocks people’s views as they’re turning right from 6th onto Clermont, making it hard for drivers to see pedestrians in the crosswalk. As for the tree itself, Forestry has noted it is beginning to decline, given the deadwood within the canopy and the density of canopy. More importantly, given the requirements to install the ramp, the majority of the roots within the structural root zone, on the southside of the tree, will need to be severed, setting up a risk situation due to lack of anchorage. The team has explored every viable option to preserve the tree, but none have come to fruition that would not involve the loss of additional trees. By taking this tree, we remove a safety hazard for pedestrians and preserve another healthy tree just to the south. DOTI will compensate Forestry to replace the canopy of this tree that must be removed, to the tune of approximately 30 new trees, to be planted nearby.

Sincerely, DOTI Communications 

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