The DenverTrack Program: Denver Police Department’s New Program to Assist in Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

April 13, 2023 / Comments (0)


Theft from cars and car theft are the two most common property crimes in Hilltop. The Denver Police Department has just started a new GPS tracking program to assist in recovery of stolen vehicles. The DenverTrack program can work with installed vehicle GPS systems (e.g. OnStar), but it can also work with third party trackers such as Apple Air Tags and Tile trackers. If you fill out the registration form, DPD can track the location of your stolen vehicle in real time (or you can provide them with the location if you are using Air Tags). They will also provide you with a door sticker to show potential thieves that your vehicle has been enrolled in the program, hopefully encouraging them to move on to a different vehicle. Information about the program and registration forms are available at the link below:


We encourage residents of Hilltop to work with neighbors on their block to start Neighborhood Watch programs as an additional means of reducing crime and reporting suspect behavior before crime occurs (and it may also be a good way to meet neighbors you haven’t gotten to know yet). The Hilltop Neighborhood Association hosts periodic Neighborhood Watch training which is announced on our website and newsletters. District 3 (the police district that covers Hilltop areas south of 6th Ave.) is also hosting a Neighborhood Watch training session on April 26th at 6pm at the District 3 Police Station at 1625 S. University (I25 and University). If you’re interested, you can RSVP to [email protected].

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