Sundial Reconstruction Update

May 2, 2018 / Comments (0)


In the next few days, it is anticipated that workers will begin to tap the water line that runs along the vacated Cherry Street, at the easternmost edge of the park, just in front of the homes facing the park. Running a water line from this point to the Sundial Terrace will allow a working water fountain to be a part of the reconstructed Sundial Terrace. This new water line will meet safe drinking water standards. Workers have begun laying stone – particularly on the western steps and the west facing wall – stop by and peek through the construction fence to see the progress. With the mild winter weather, the construction has moved along a bit ahead of schedule. Completion is expected in early fall. Soon, work will also commence on the separate sidewalk project – this will allow safer connectivity to the rest of the neighborhood, with new sidewalk running along First Avenue from the existing sidewalk at Cherry Street west to Bellaire Street. A sidewalk will also be placed from First Avenue to the Sundial Terrace, along Belo Horizonte. There will not be a sidewalk from the Terrace to Third Avenue.

Our thanks to Denise Sanderson from the Save Our Sundial Project of The Park People for passing along this update to the neighborhood:

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