Street Racing – What Can You Do to Help?

DPD needs your help in addressing growing problem. Illegal street racing is a dangerous activity that puts everyone’s lives at risk when the racers utilize public roadways.  Jessica Allen, a young woman with a family was killed by a driver who was racing in Downtown Denver on April 3, 2021 and crashed into her vehicle.

Please report any incidents of street racing you see or hear in our neighborhood.

To report street racing or reckless driving by phone, witnesses should call 720-913-2000 or 911.

Report street racing or planned events that organize illegal street racing on this website:   Click on the big red “Submit An Anonymous Tip to Law Enforcement” button at the top of the webpage and it will bring you to a detailed form with questions as well as the option to upload photos/videos to.

For all emergencies call 911, for non-emergency call 720-913-2000, and for non-urgent questions or concerns please reach out to our Denver Police District 3 Community Resource Officers: [email protected][email protected]  ​OR our Denver Police District 2 Community Resource Officers if you live north of the 6th Avenue Parkway: [email protected]

4/22/2021 UPDATE – Westword article describes how DPD is working on this issue: Denver Wants to Put the Brakes on Drag Racing. 

4/12/2021 UPDATE – the District 5 City Council Office received this update from DPD in response to an inquiry from a resident and asked that we share this with our neighbors:

Thank you for reaching out to us. We take illegal street racing seriously and I am sorry that members of the neighborhood had to endure the events of last night. The Denver Police Department has been addressing the street racing issue citywide since the beginning of the year and have recently seen an increase of incidents as the weather has improved.

Several officers have been assigned to address large racing groups through enforcement of city ordinances and state statutes. Additionally, Chief Pazen has directed collaboration with the City Attorney’s Office to address the promoters/sponsors illegal street racing through available options

On 4/11/21, Denver 911 began receiving calls about street racing in the Lowry area at approximately 2:58 A.M. Officers responded and began making contact with vehicles at approximately 3:06 A.M. As multiple officers responded, vehicles began leaving the area, some, very recklessly. Officers attempted to make traffic stops and had many of the vehicles elude officers (fail to stop). At this point, officers worked on clearing the area while trying to obtain vehicle license plates for further investigation and prosecution.

Over the past few months, our officers have been successful in following the movements of groups as they post their locations. This communication is often done on many different social media platforms. As officers are able to access the posts, they respond to the locations and prevent large build-ups of racers. However, with our success, the groups have changed their communication and use methods that prevent law enforcement from learning their movements. This is a challenge for us, but can be offset by residents calling in groups as they gather early on, or providing locations of street racing.

We often conduct high visibility patrols in locations they are known to frequent, and the Lowry area has been added to that list.

Additionally, the following steps are being taken or already in process.

  • Vehicles that have been identified committing speed contests or eluding officers are being forwarded to the Denver Police Department Traffic Investigations Unit, and the Public Nuisance Abatement Unit
  • Utilizing traffic cameras to review and locate any suspect vehicles
  • High Visibility patrols and traffic enforcement
  • Identifying the group that coordinated or encouraged the actions on 4/11
  • Working with other districts and metro agencies to address illegal street racing

Please know that we are active in the enforcement of street racing and take this incident seriously. There are many dynamics involved with racing, and I am more than willing to have further discussions with you or answer any questions you may have.

I can be reached at 720-913-1152 or by email at [email protected].


 Lt. Eranda S. Piyasena

Outlook-3xltqy52.png Eranda  Piyasena | Lieutenant
Denver Police | District 3 | City and County of DenverMain | 720-913-1152

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