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Graland News

On Tuesday, June 2, at 9 a.m. Graland Country Day School will host a Car Parade for eighth-graders and their families. Yard signs with each graduate’s name will line the perimeter of the school. Faculty and staff (in masks) are invited to line the sidewalk to show their support.  And neighbors who love a parade are welcome to join in, too!  We’ll try to get some photos at the parade to post here.

Steck News

Steck Stars start every school year full of excitement, and the 2019-2020 school year started like any other year. Students, parents, teachers and Leticia Jara-Leake, our new principal,  were all eager to meet each other and start the school year. We made new friends and we learned so much!

Photo taken of the 5th grade class during their 4th grade year.

In March, COVID-19 changed our lives. We were abruptly separated from friends and teachers seemingly overnight. By April, we learned a new way to teach and learn, remotely! Google Meet classrooms became the highlight of our days when we again connected with our Steck family.  Steck teachers and their students rose to the occasion and held meaningful class instructional sessions plus all the specials. Steck special teachers held book clubs, drawing and music lessons, and grade level social hours.  Steck teachers hosted a second virtual learning “Back to School Night”.  We also had our first ever virtual Field Day and a school wide talent show.

Steck Garden Club members working their plot.




Families also volunteered to help plant and care for the Steck Community Garden, a job generally done by 4th graders and their first grade Book Buddies during weekly Garden Club activities in April and May.  This will be a year that none of us will forget, the year of the pandemic. More importantly, we will remember as the year we, as a community, persevered and showed resilience, together!




On Thursday, May 28 teachers and families came out to honor the 5th grade continuing class with a car parade.

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