October 2021 – Get ready to PLAY! Robinson Park Playground Construction completed!

Please join Denver Parks & Recreation as we celebrate the completion of the Robinson Park playground and park improvements! We will be participating in the annual Cranmer Park/Hilltop Halloween Parade on October 31, so come in costume and find us at the end of the parade route!

Thanks to the Elevate Denver Bond, DPR Legacy Funds, individual donors from the neighborhood and the Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association, The Park People, Telluride Stone, and LuBird’s Light, the playground and basketball court were replaced, landscaping  and picnic facilities were improved, and overall accessibility was upgraded.

WHEN: October 31, 2021 at noon

The parade leaves from Cranmer Park Sundial at 11am, will travel along 2ndAvenue and end up at Robinson Park around 12pm. If you want to attend the ribbon-cutting only, please arrive at Robinson Park by 12pm.

WHERE: Robinson Park, 200 Fairfax St

May 2021 – Robinson Park Playground Construction will begin very soon!
By Denise Sanderson

We are happy to report that construction work on the reimagined Robinson Park Playground will begin in the first two weeks of May. The contractor, Halcyon Construction, will erect a construction fence around the work area, which encompasses the existing playground, the basketball court, and the restroom building, as well as sufficient area surrounding these features to provide a safe work zone. A port-a-potty will be sited elsewhere in the park to accommodate the needs of those utilizing the playing fields.

A groundbreaking celebration was recently held – on a cold and very snowy Colorado afternoon – with representatives from The Robinson Park Playground Committee, The Park People, The Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association, District 5 City Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, representatives from Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Halcyon Construction project manager joining neighbors in celebrating the upcoming construction start.

Last summer, the Robinson Park Playground Committee of The Park People, raised $68,000 to supplement funds the City had already set aside for the redesign of the playground – which had not been updated for twenty years. As the campaign progressed, a Hilltop neighbor came forward to offer an in- kind donation of stone from her business, Telluride Stone Company, for the boulder climbing element. With the funds raised, and this generous in-kind donation, the neighborhood guaranteed that the entire redesign would be funded.

Here are the elements this campaign funded:

  • Shade Sails to provide much-needed shade cover for playground users and their adults,
  • Musical Instrument Play Features to stimulate the senses with an added element of the play experience,
  • a Sand Play Area to provide a fun and safe creative-play environment for young park users, including the littlest,
  • an Embankment Slide for safe sliding fun,
  • a SmartPlay Cube for stimulating activities, and
  • a Friendship Swing for multi-user, social swinging that playmates or family members can enjoy together!

While Robinson playground is under construction this year, remember that Crestmoor Park nearby also has a play structure and a little further to the east, in the Boulevard One neighborhood, there is a new playground that is lots of fun for all ages.

Here is a link to the plans for Robinson Park

Many thanks to the members of the Robinson Park Playground Committee who made this happen: Brewster Boyd, Lauren Deaton, Meredith Levy, Erin Osovets, Jamie Resnik, Myra Skinner, Denise Sanderson, Committee Chair, and Kim Yuan-Farrell, Park People Executive Director

April 21 – We bid “Farewell” to the old playground structure and break ground for the new
By Wende Reoch

This afternoon the Robinson Park Playground Committee, The Park People, your Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association, Denver Department of Parks and Recreation, Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, Halcyon Construction and neighborhood friends join together for a groundbreaking celebration for the new Playground Structure in Robinson Park!   Construction of the new playground is expected to begin the week of April 26 to be completed in the fall of 2021 and we will keep you posted on a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate that milestone, too!  Between now and then, there is the wonderful play area at Crestmoor Park that is available.

Also, a Hilltop neighbor recently inquired about the disposition of the old structure and our District 5 Parks & Rec Advisory Board member, Meredith Levy was, as usual, helpful in providing this answer from DPR:

“Regarding the removal of old playground and in the case of Robinson
playground, Parks Operations will have an opportunity to salvage any
parts and pieces they want or need for other similar playgrounds
around the city, given spare parts are often difficult to come by.
After that, the playground will be disposed of by the Contractor. DPR
disposes of old playground sets in this manner as there are
restrictions on donating play equipment because of liability issues,
so we do our best to save and reuse what we can before disposal of any

Oct 2 – Robinson Park Playground Fundraising ‘Swinging’ Along
By Denise Sanderson

Fundraising for the redesign and refurbishment of the Robinson Park Playground and basketball courts continues ‘swinging’ along with nearly $30,000 of the needed $50,000 raised or pledged to date.  We need your help to reach our goal by October 31st, so all the planned elements can be included in the City’s contract with the construction firm.  This fundraising campaign will provide the funds for shade sails, musical play and a sand play area to be included.

If this is all news to you, here is a recap:  after serving the neighborhood for twenty years, the existing play structure no longer meets best-practices in playground development.  The planned new playground will have two play areas, one for kids who are 2- 5 years old and one for kids aged 5- 12. Features will include more accessible opportunities and will take advantage of the playground’s location nestled next to the hill from Second Ave.  (Do not fear – the sledding area at Second and Glencoe will remain as it is!)

Big smile on the Swing at Robinson

Great playgrounds in our parks provide children with physical exercise, fun & adventure; help children develop creativity, curiosity, confidence, and social skills – like cooperation and leadership; and add value to neighborhood properties.

We only have four more weeks to make this a reality – please consider joining the leadership of the Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association in supporting this project.  In addition to a $5,000 gift from the Association, more than half of the Board members have made individual gifts to the campaign.

Join us in making Robinson Park Playground the best it can be for our children and grandchildren.  To learn more about the project and to view the redesign concept, or to make an online donation, please visit www.TheParkPeople.org/RobinsonParkPlayground.  If you would prefer to mail a check, please send it to The Park People/Robinson Park Playground, 1510 South Grant Street, Denver, CO 80210.

Sept 4 – Robinson Park Playground Project – Neighborhood Fundraising Update
By Denise Sanderson

Why are community playgrounds important?  The CDC recommends that children have at least 60 minutes of free playtime per day, and a neighborhood playground provides the perfect opportunity to make this part of a kid’s daily life.

Community playgrounds help children develop important skills in cognitive, physical, social norms and sensory developmental areas. When kids interact and explore on community playgrounds, they get the opportunity to problem-solve, think creatively and critically, and plan strategically. In the physical sense, opportunities to climb, jump, run, and slide lead to increased cardiovascular health and increased upper- and lower-body strength. Playgrounds also help improve balance, agility, and hand/eye coordination. The social aspects of a playground offer opportunities for kids to collaborate and engage with each other to overcome challenging situations. Kids at a playgrounds also provide opportunities for parents and other caregivers to meet their neighbors.

The newly designed playground will include two structured play areas – one for younger children ages 2 – 5, and the other area is designed for play for kids ages 5-12. There will be more opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities to engage in creative play, with the addition of accessible options not found on other area playgrounds.  Additionally, the basketball court will be improved, and a new picnic area and walkway installed.  A sidewalk will be included along Second Avenue, a much-needed amenity to improve access to the park.

You’ll soon be seeing yard signs around the neighborhood in donors’ yards…make your donation TODAY and let us know you’d like a yard sign — we will be happy to deliver one to you!  Just email me to request a yard sign.

Tax deductible donations can be made through The Park People, a 501(c)(3) organization, with a 51-year history of supporting Denver’s parks.  Many Hilltop residents will recognize this organization from the vital role it played in the Save Our Sundial project. Donations can be mailed to The Park People/Robinson Park Playground, 1510 South Grant St., Denver, COwww.TheParkPeople.org/RobinsonParkPlayground.


August 5 – Robinson Park Playground Redesign – Neighborhood Fundraising Begins
By Denise Sanderson

As part of the Elevate Denver Bond program, with additional funds from the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation has allocated $750,000 for a complete redesign of the Robinson Park Playground and basketball court.  Unfortunately, this budget does not allow for the complete and comprehensive total redesign that many in the neighborhood would like to see.

A group of concerned neighbors, including your Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association Board, in conjunction with Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, has partnered with The Park People to raise funds to include three additional upgrades to the design – shade sails, musical elements, and a sand play area.  Each of these additional components will cost $15,000, for a total campaign, including potential expenses, of $50,000.  The campaign is off to a successful start, with early donations of $11,000 already pledged.  The goal is to have all funds raised by October 31, 2020.

The existing playground equipment was installed in 2000 – after twenty years, it desperately needs to be updated. General project information, including a rendering of the playground design, can be found at the following website: www.denvergov.org/parkprojects under ‘Robinson Park Playground’ or on our Association website here.Design work is complete, and it is expected that work on the project will begin in early 2021.  

Neighbors who are involved in fundraising for this project include Meredith Levy, Jamie Resnik, Myra Skinner, Erin Osovets, Brewster Boyd, and Denise Sanderson.  We hope you will join us in refreshing our neighborhood’s only park playground area.  The value of outdoor play remains key to early childhood development, and we would like to provide the best opportunities for our neighborhood children and grandchildren.

Tax deductible donations can be made through The Park People, a 501(c)(3) organization, with a 51-year history of supporting Denver’s parks.  Many Hilltop residents will recognize this organization from the vital role it played in the Save Our Sundial project.  Donations can be mailed to:The Park People/Robinson Park Playground, 1510 South Grant St., Denver, CO  80210 or made online at www.TheParkPeople.org/RobinsonParkPlayground