Still in need of a New Year’s resolution?

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Resolve to be a snow angel

Everyone enjoys safe, clear sidewalks – whether you are walking, rolling or delivering mail.

In Denver, residents must clear the sidewalks and wheelchair ramps around their home within 24 hours of a snowfall; businesses within 4 hours of a snowfall. Learn more at

Show kindness and offer to help your neighbors if they aren’t able to shovel! Neighbors helping neighbors is one of the things that makes Denver great. You can volunteer to be an official “snow angel” at or just do a #NeighborCheck. There are all sorts of reasons why people may need assistance, or they may just not know what the city’s rules are for keeping sidewalks clear. A simple conversation with a neighbor or just lending that helping hand will almost always resolve a snowy sidewalk faster than the city can, and it will preserve city resources for the rest of Denver’s 3,000 miles of sidewalks.


  • Use the shovel to push the snow; don’t lift it.
  • Shovel early! When snow isn’t shoveled, it gets packed down and becomes ice. Shoveling all the way to the pavement will also prevent ice from forming.
  • Shovel into your yard, so the snow plow doesn’t push it back onto your sidewalk.
  • Shovel away from roadways and bike lanes, so plows don’t push the snow back onto your sidewalks.
  • Salt can be damaging when it runs off into your lawn or the storm sewer with the snowmelt. Look for ecofriendly and pet-safe deicers.
  • Be proactive and come up with a plan for addressing sidewalks now, before it’s snowing.

Learn more at

PSA from Denver’s Community Planning and Development

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