Progress on traffic calming implementations is taking shape

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Many neighbors have shared concerns about traffic congestion, cut-through traffic and increased speeds in the areas adjacent to the 9+CO redevelopment at the former CU Health Sciences Center campus.  Over the last 18 months, the Colorado Blvd. Healthcare District Subcommittee for Traffic, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety has been partnering with Denver Department of Public Works to identify high priority opportunities to address. Priority was placed in the areas near the redevelopment where students and parents walk to/from schools. Many of you helped in this process by participating in the Oct/Nov 2017 Public Survey that was published on Nextdoor and sent neighbors who have asked to be on the Civic Association email list. This process demonstrated strong neighborhood support for the specific traffic calming implementations that are now being phased in. We greatly appreciate the support of the neighborhood and the city through this process and look forward to soliciting formal feedback to see if these calming strategies are helping. We also plan to expand the scope of our effort to other areas of concern in the neighborhood in the future.

We recognize that there is no ‘cure’ for traffic, and the reality is that it will likely get worse. But with good partnering between neighborhoods and the city, we will continue to do our best to address prioritized areas of safety concern.

Here is a summary of the traffic calming strategy implementations that were reviewed and approved by the city (with community input):

Complete – Improved cross-walk painting on the eastbound bicycle/pedestrian crosswalk on 7th Ave. at Colorado Blvd.

Complete – Traffic lane narrowing at 6th and Clermont (paint/striping only)

Complete – Traffic lane narrowing at 3rd and Clermont (paint/striping only)

Complete – Conversion of Ash at 6th Ave parkway to one way southbound (which bans east bound left and northbound through).

Complete – Traffic lane narrowing at 3rd & Clermont with improved cross-walks

Pending – Traffic Circle at 7th and Ash

Here is a description of three of the projects from the city Dept of Public Works: Projects Description

Thanks to all who played a constructive role in this community / city partnership!

CBHD Subcommittee for Traffic, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety


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