Much of Denver’s unique identity and sense of place is built on the system of interconnected parkways, parks and neighborhoods. As early as the 1870’s, city leaders began transforming Denver’s character from a dry and dusty prairie into the green oasis of today by creating parks and parkways.  Hilltop is lucky to have two of these beautiful parkways within our neighborhood.  The East 6th Avenue Parkway runs from Colorado Boulevard to Quebec Street.  The Clermont Street Parkway runs from East 6th Avenue to 3rd Avenue.  Both were designated as early as 1909 and are part of the Denver Historic District/National Historic District with established Parkway Design Guidelines.  Please also see this accompanying 2005 Assessment and Management Recommendations from the 6th Ave Mundus Bishop Report.

In Denver, parkway management is the responsibility of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Caring for and maintaining these treasured streets is complex as it requires the combined efforts of city agencies, the historic preservation community, elected officials, neighborhoods and residents.  More about our Parkways in Denver.