Neighborhood Non Profit Partnerships (Policy)

The goal of the policy is to create a uniform manner in which organizations representing a variety of missions and causes may partner with the Association and participate in Association events so as to increase community bonds and promote fairness and equity.

1. All non-profits wishing to participate shall receive permission to do so before the event by completing the Neighborhood Non-Profit Application and submitting it to the Events Committee.  Application shall be considered in the order received and selected by the Committee based on meeting the following basic requirements.  If there are more applications that spaces available, the Committee may choose amongst application via a fair random selection.

2. All non-profits shall operate within the Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association boundary and/or be owned and/or operated by a person living within said boundary.

3. All non-profits shall be placed at a location at the discretion of the event organizers on the day of the event(s) and will need to provide their own table/chair.

4. In return for access, the Association asks for the organization to assist the event organizers with promotion of the event and providing volunteers at the event if needed.

5. All non-profits shall not profit from the sale of their items.