McKinnon Harrison Street Rezoning Proposal

August 1, 2019 / Comments (0)

General News

McKinnon Harrison Street Rezoning Proposal AKA The Gateways East Proposal was presented to a meeting of the Cherry Creek East Association on July 10.  CCEA had reached out to our RNO and invited us to attend to also see the proposal.  Three of our Hilltop board members – Larry Donovan, Ann Spoor and I, attended.  It was informative and well run, with engaged neighbors and good questions.  We were invited to hear the presentation because the proposal is on the west side of Colorado Blvd, will impact our neighborhood in some ways and we have experience negotiating a restrictive covenant with the developer at the 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd site.

I am including a link to the CCEA website with a brief description of the proposal and a survey for feedback.  This survey is for CCEA residents only and has closed but I provide the page here because the links to the slides from the presentation, the existing zoning and the proposed zoning are useful for our Hilltop residents to see.  Here is the CCEA page.

The developer, McKinnon & Associates, LLC, offered to give a presentation of the proposal to our neighborhood as well. As soon as we set a date/time/location we will send a notice to the neighborhood on our E-Newsletter, Nextdoor and via the neighborhood network set up to facilitate communication regarding the 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd. development.

Here are my takeaways from the July 10 presentation:

  • This proposal is at the concept stage and I did not hear the developer commit to a specific number of units but he was clear that it was not going to include affordable housing.  We can ask for specifics at our meeting.
  • The developer offered to enter into a restrictive covenant with the CCEA.
  • One of the questions at the meeting addressed the Sundial View Plane and the developer assured it would be protected.  If you are not aware of the concept of View Planes or of the Sundial (Cranmer Park) View Plane , please learn more about this by following the links.  This is important for our neighborhood.
  • The developer referenced the CCEA neighborhood plan – we (Hilltop) should seriously consider developing a plan for our neighborhood that can serve as a guide for development.
  • CCEA is the RNO of record – meaning the representative organization of the neighborhood where the project is sited, but they have reached out to our RNO and want to work with us.

So – an exciting and challenging development along our western boundary and we want to have your input and participation as we learn more about it in the coming weeks.





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