Landmark Preservation Rules Update – Comment deadline extended

June 3, 2019 / Comments (0)

General News

There’s still time to learn about landmark rules updates.  The deadline for comments on draft changes is extended to 6/28.  For the last year, city planners have been working with a task force to review and recommend updates to the rules that govern the city’s Landmark Preservation program. And for the last month, planners have been holding community updates throughout Denver to give community members a chance to learn about and weigh in on the proposed changes. If you haven’t been able to attend, there’s still time.

Mark your calendar for upcoming opportunities to learn about the proposed update to the Landmark Preservation Ordinance:
  • Tomorrow, June 4: Discussion item at the Landmark Preservation Commission meeting (following the design review agenda)
  • Thursday, June 6: Drop-in Office Hours at Blair-Caldwell Library
  • NEW: Monday, June 17: Community Update at Blair-Caldwell Library

What’s changing? Can I weigh in?

Starting in March 2018, the task force met monthly to discuss various aspects of the city’s preservation ordinance and make recommendations on how to improve landmark processes, balancing property rights with city and community goals to preserve of Denver’s history, architecture, culture, and neighborhood character.
Along with small tweaks throughout the ordinance to clarify definitions, streamline processes and provide greater consistency, several major changes are proposed to address specific challenges.
  • To highlight Denver’s diversity and distinct cultural history through its landmarks, we’re proposing expanding the criteria for historic designation to include culture and simplifying how potential landmarks can meet the criteria.
  • To address conflicts between property owners and community members due to designations submitted during demolition review, we’re updating the process to encourage collaboration by adjusting key deadlines to give all parties additional time to meet and arrive at a potential compromise.
  • To encourage proactive designation by owners, we’re exploring incentives to designation, and reducing regulatory barriers once a building is designated.

The public review draft and summary handouts are available on the project webpage. To share your thoughts on the proposal, email [email protected] by Friday, June 28.

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