July 2019 Hilltop Crime Report

July 10, 2019 / Comments (0)

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Hilltop Crime Report 7/10/19

By Andy Walvoord, CPHCA Crime & Safety Committee

Hilltop Crime Stats July 2019 – click to enlarge

DPD just released the neighborhood crime statistics through the end of May, and crime is up fairly substantially in Hilltop versus the same period last year. Most of the increase is attributable to thefts from parked cars and theft of cars. The Hilltop Neighborhood (for DPD purposes it also includes Crestmoor and some parts of Lowry west of Quebec) appears to have the highest increases in crime in all of District 3. District 3 overall had a reduction in aggregate crime of 6.3%.

Crime was up during this same period last year versus 2017, and it’s up substantially again over 2018. All that said, it is still, generally, low within our neighborhood, so relatively small increases in numbers will have an outsized effect on the percentages. We also seem to be doing a better job of reporting crimes, which may account for some portion of the increase. There does seem to be some criminal focus on our neighborhood though—perhaps as a softer target. 

The Denver and State’s attorneys’ offices are ostensibly in the process of filing charges against a group of people who are responsible for much of the car theft. DPD has added some patrols within Hilltop, and they have added an additional Community Resource Officer within District 3.

I would encourage everyone to remain vigilant and keep an eye out. If there is the chance that there is a crime being committed, the police encourage residents to call 911 and let them sort it out. Use common sense, but don’t be worried about overusing 911 to report crimes, including non-violent crime. For non-emergencies, the contact number remains (720) 913- 2000.

See our Crime Prevention, News & Updates page here for tips and add’l information.

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