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April 27, 2020 / Comments (0)

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Please read this message from the JCC and take the survey, and then explore the virtual offerings now available at The J

To my fellow arts and culture lovers,

I’m thinking about you and hope you’re faring well in this new “normal” to which we’ve become accustomed. To be perfectly honest, the introvert in me that cooks all day and binges “Criminal Minds” is taking this well, but the part of me that comes alive when we all come together for our programs is hurting. I miss you guys. It’s hard to believe that two short months ago, we were 7,500 strong at the Denver Jewish Film Festival.

For me, the beating heart of the film festival, the mission of why it is a community asset, is the way we curate the program: a committee of your peers. It is our community’s Jewish film festival. And even though we are sheltering in place, we are connected like never before, with an astounding plethora of content that is widely and readily available to us all.

It is in this spirit that I ask you: what would you like to see? What kinds of virtual events can we curate together? I say *we* because I genuinely want your buy-in. Do you want to watch and discuss a show or movie together in real time on a Netflix Party? Do you want to rewatch your favorite DJFF film from years past and participate in a moderated discussion via Zoom or Facebook Live? How about a virtual book club?

Please click here to take a two-minute survey to let me know your thoughts. I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to connecting again J.



amy weiner weiss

Director of Festivals and Adult Art Academies |  (she/her/hers)
JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center
350 South Dahlia Street, Denver, CO 80246
p: 303.316.6383 | [email protected]

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