Important Reminders/Tips for our Community Picnic

July 1, 2019 / Comments (0)


Our annual Cranmer Park Community Picnic & Fireworks watching is a RAIN or SHINE event!  Colorado weather is exciting and changeable.  We recommend being prepared!  Cranmer Park is an open space with no formal shelter.

Other tips/reminders:

  • We suggest leaving your pups at home as dogs are generally not fans of fireworks and loud noises.
  • Please do not bring glass bottles to the park – glass is not allowed in Denver Parks for many good reasons, most importantly because when broken it can become dangerous to the children, pets and adults who regularly use the park.
  • Our popular Glow Stix are for sale again this year so bring cash or cc – $3 each, kiddos love them especially after the sun sets.
  • We have some great, neighborhood owned/located food trucks this year – save yourself the hassle of packing a picnic.  List of food trucks here.
  • This is a Zero Waste event but we need your help!  Please walk or bike to the party.  When packing your picnic, choose reusable or compostable materials whenever possible and pack out what you pack in.  We are proud to be partnering again with both Eco-Cycle and our neighbors at Graland Country Day School to implement Zero Waste at our Cranmer Park Community Picnic.
  • Belo Horizonte will be blocked off for the event, so for a drop off and wheelchair accessible option use the park entrance on 2nd Ave and Dexter.  (less of an incline to the plaza area)
  • Proudly wear and bring your Red, White & Blue regalia!



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