Ice Blading and Snow Removal

February 25, 2019 / Comments (0)

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Thanks to our Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman for this information about ice build up and snow removal assistance which she posted on her most recent E-Newsletter:

Now that winter is in full swing ice and snow removal are once again an important issue in neighborhoods. Icing is typically prevalent on the southern side of east-west streets or anywhere that trees or fencing shade the sidewalk preventing melting. In situations like that, residents can use a small amount of de-icing material in problem prone areas. Locations where there is no tree-lawn, the gutter build-up may accumulate and end up on the adjacent sidewalk. In this case where there is a lot of buildup in the gutter, the resident can contact 311 and request ice blading. Here is a link to the FAQ page about icing in curbs and gutters that may help.

While it doesn’t happen often, pushing snow onto sidewalks and driveways is an unfortunate consequence of plowing any street. We ask neighbors to be conscientious and provide our snow plow drivers with continual feedback on their performance and ways to minimize the occurrence of snow on sidewalks. For those locations where travel lanes are adjacent to the curb and the sidewalk is attached to the curb, it is difficult not to have snow pushed onto the sidewalk. The City needs to clear travel lanes completely for traffic safety and needs to clear all the way to the gutter for drainage as the snow melts. In this instance it is the responsibility of the resident to keep their sidewalk clear of snow.

And if you want to volunteer to help seniors in need of assistance – Volunteers of American Colorado Chapter can help connect you with seniors in need.  Thanks in advance!  Help with shoveling snow in Denver.


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