Hilltop Crime Statistics 2018

January 16, 2019 / Comments (0)

General News

After a fairly rough start to the year due to a large increase in property crimes (garage and car break-ins), the end-of-year numbers for Hilltop look fairly good. Violent crime was down 12.5% versus the 3 year average. So-called “Crimes Against Society” (vice-type crimes) were unchanged versus the 3 year average and offenses in the “Other” category were down 6.7%. Property crime ended up 21% on the year, but once the aforementioned burglaries were solved, property crimes were down dramatically. If I recall correctly, at one point this spring Property Crimes were up 75% year-over-year, so they were likely well below average for the second half of the year to get the number back down to “only” a 21% increase. Those numbers were consistent across our precinct (321) and our District (3).

The full Hilltop report is here: Hilltop2018CrimeStats

A couple of notes on those numbers: DPD changed their reporting in the middle of 2018 from year-over-year numbers to comparisons versus the last 3 years. There is some truth to their contention that it provides a better picture of the long term, but it does also probably look better in a year in which some of the year-over-year numbers were up. Secondly, remember that the Denver Police’s definition of Hilltop includes all of Crestmoor and the older part of Lowry west of Quebec (it’s not clear whether the development of Boulevard One will ultimately be included as part of Hilltop.)

As always, make sure to report any crimes that occur against your family or property—even small property crimes. While it might “hurt” the statistics a bit, it will result in more attention by DPD and more patrol hours spent in Hilltop. If you’re reporting a crime that has already occurred, use the DPD non-emergency number (720-913- 2000). If it’s a crime in process call 911. If you don’t know who to call, the police encourage you to use 911; they’ll direct you to the right person if it ends up as not an emergency. Lastly, our DPD community liaison is Officer Mike Borquez. He’s a good guy and will help with any crime/safety/police-related matters. He can be reached via email at mike.borquez(at)denvergov.org

Posted by Andrew Walvoord, CPHCA Crime & Safety Committee

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