Help Shape Local Action on Climate Change!

From the Denver Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency Task Force:

The online community conversation at DenverClimateAction.Consider.It has been extended through the end of day on Monday, May 4.  Please help spread the word about this opportunity to provide input and come up with the best possible recommendations.

The Task Force wants to hear from YOU in the Denver Climate Action Community Conversation happening now, online at: DenverClimateAction.Consider.It

The number of people participating in the conversation has grown steadily every day, and new suggestions for strategies (on top of those that the Climate Action Task Force has proposed) are being made every day too. The extension is intended to make sure that everyone who wants to weigh in on task force proposals has that opportunity and to honor all of the thought that people put into their new proposals.

We hope you will join the conversation if you haven’t already. Just go to DenverClimateAction.Consider.It, create an account, explore the site, and click on proposals that matter to you to rate them and share your thoughts. You can do this through Monday, May 4.

We also hope you will keep coming back if you have already been participating. See new ideas through Friday, May 1, at noon, and continue to engage in discussions through Monday, May 4.

Note on accessibility: You can participate in the forum on any computer or smart phone. PCs for People and Denver Public Schools are working to get computers in more Denver households, and Xfinity has made wifi hotspots free for anyone who can use them. The site is accessible for anyone using a screen reader, and Google Translate is embedded in the site to allow participation in multiple languages. Look for the “Select Language” drop-down to choose your preferred language. If you or someone you know needs additional help accessing and participating in the forum, please contact Meagan Picard with the Civic Consulting Collaborative at [email protected] or 720.707.6899.

Check out these links to videos from the Mayor, Task Force members and some of our City Council Members:

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