Happy Holidays from the Denver Municipal Band

December 21, 2020 / Comments (0)


To Our Neighbors:

Because you’re special, we’re sending this special holiday Denver Municipal Band Quartet concert video. This socially-distanced piece was played in Cheesman Park earlier this fall without an audience. We’re sending this video to thank you for your continued support. Thank you!

View Special Holiday Performance 

In 2020, we have used our time, energy, and resources to produce a series of videos to celebrate our history and look forward to our next 150 years of building community in the Denver area. See more.

We’re all ready to move on into 2021 … for a variety of reasons. Obviously, we want to be together with family and friends again. Travel again!  At the Denver Municipal Band, we want to see you again, hear (directly) from you, and perform for you. So far, we’re planning to perform in the next year — in celebration. We’re excited about all the concerts we have scheduled. (You’ll be hearing about our schedule and programs soon!)

Enjoy the video, thanks again for your support, be safe, and stay healthy.

Happy holidays,
Joe Martin
Executive Director, Denver Municipal Band

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