Our Hilltop Neighborhood Association relies on the involvement of members and the local community to make our events and activities successful.  Thank you to all of our active members and our local business sponsors past and present who have donated their support.

Becoming a Neighborhood Sponsor for one of our annual events is a great way to gain exposure in your community and support our Association’s activities.   For more information, please see our Events and Events Sponsorship page here.

2021 Hilltop Halloween Picnic & Parade

2021 Hilltop Family Movie Nights

2021 Cranmer Park Community Picnic (click here more photos)

2019 Hilltop Summer Movie Nights

2019 Cranmer Park Community Picnic

Sundial Photos by Mark Ryan.

2018 Hilltop Halloween Parade

2018 Cranmer Park Community Picnic

Hilltop Summer Movie Night June 14 – Moana

Hilltop Summer Movie Night July 19  – Coco

Hilltop Summer Movie Night August 16 – Sing

Halloween Parade & Picnic

2017 Cranmer Park Community Picnic



Hilltop Happy Hours