Follow up re: small cell post:

August 7, 2019 / Comments (0)

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As a follow up to our June 25 post about small cell tower installations in our neighborhood:

Denver Tech Future is holding an Open House entitled Connecting Denver to explain details of the wireless technology coming to our city.  Connecting Denver takes place at the Carla Madison Rec Center on August 14 from 5-7 pm in the Multipurpose Room.   Details here.

From their website, Denver Tech Future describes itself as:

Denver Tech Future is a Verizon-led community-focused initiative working to engage the local community in a discussion about technology and how it can improve the lives of local residents for their benefit and the benefit of the community as a whole.

Our mission is to engage with citizens and community stakeholders in Denver to provide information on how technology can work to have a dramatic impact on the way we work and live in our communities.

So while this is an industry led open house, it may be a good opportunity to ask questions and express your concerns.

Update August 23 – Westword article with a recap of the August 14 mtg on August 19 


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