Fall Lawn & Garden Reminders & Resources

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Here are some helpful tips:

  • Never rake or blow leaves into the street; they could clog storm sewer inlets and Denver’s street sweepers. Be sure to advise your lawn care providers NOT to blow leaves into the street.
  • Pumpkins are also accepted for composting at drop-off locations
  • The Cherry Creek Transfer Station is the only site accepting loose leaves.
  • Leaves brought to all other LeafDrop sites must be in paper bags. DO NOT BAG LEAVES IN PLASTIC BAGS.  Denver residents can download a coupon to receive a free five-pack of paper leaf bags at participating Ace Hardware Stores at https://beasmartash.org/trees-matter/denver-leafdrop/.
  • Leaves cannot contain branches or other materials
  • Only bring leaves to drop-off sites during specified dates and times; dropping off leaves during other times is considered illegal dumping.

Denver’s LeafDrop Program is Underway! 
This annual program encourages residents to sustainably donate their leaves for compost rather than allowing them to end up in a landfill.  It is a FREE program that runs through December 2.  Here is the link to all the City and County of Denver Drop Sites.

Beginning in 2023, Denver solid waste customers will have even more opportunities to help the environment when the city begins offering weekly recycling and composting services. To pay for the expanded services, customers will be charged a fee based on their trash cart size, ranging from $9 to $21 per month (the smaller the trash cart, the lower the fee). Weekly recycling and composting collection services will be included at no extra charge. Rebate applications are now live for eligible Denver residents. For information, visit: www.denvergov.org/expandedcollection.

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