November 4, 2021



Virtual Open House on Expanding Housing Affordability

The City and County of Denver’s Department of Community Planning and Development and Department of Housing Stability recently released a draft proposal to create more affordable homes in Denver. Though Denver is growing, many long-time participants in our workforce and community are being priced out of Denver’s housing market. It’s not enough just to build new homes – we must also have affordable homes.

Virtual Open House on Expanding Housing Affordability
Thursday, November 4, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
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What’s in the Proposal?

The Expanding Housing Affordability proposal would ensure that as new homes are built, new, affordable homes are also built at price points that serve Denver’s workforce. It would serve the teachers, firefighters, restaurant workers, and many others whose incomes fall within 60-80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for renting (between $62,880-$79,900 annually for a family of four), and within 60-100% of AMI for buying.

This proposal is the result of many months of working with the community and balancing the perspectives of industry and neighborhood stakeholders, studying comparable programs in other cities, and developing a detailed financial feasibility analysis. Housing affordability is an issue that affects all of us. As a city, we can and should do more to address the housing needs of all residents.

The draft proposal includes provisions for mandatory affordable housing, incentives, and an update to the existing linkage fee.

  • Mandatory affordable housing ties the creation of new market-rate housing (commonly serving higher-income households) to the creation of affordable housing, resulting in mixed-income developments and neighborhoods citywide. Understanding that these policies will have a financial impact, the proposal includes zoning and financial incentives to partially offset costs and encourage more affordable housing.
  • Linkage fees tie the impacts of new development to the need for affordable housing. These fees play a critical role in funding new affordable housing throughout the city. Under this proposal, residential projects that build affordable units as part of the development would not pay linkage fees.

This is a draft proposal that is subject to change based on feedback received. The proposal will be available for public review and comment through the end of the year.

Download the two-page summary

Download the full policy proposal

How Can I Provide Feedback to the Proposal or Ask Questions?

There are several ways you can interact with this proposal.

  • Send Us Your Comments
    Send us your comments on the proposal.
  • Attend an Upcoming Event
    If you’d like to learn more about the proposal or ask questions, you can attend an upcoming event.
  • Attend virtual office hours with our city planners, as well as topic-specific focus groups. For a full list of upcoming events and registration, please visit our website here, and scroll down to “Upcoming Opportunities to Participate.”