March 24, 2022



Kearney/Krameria Neighborhood Bikeway Virtual Meeting

Join your neighbors, city staff and the Bikeway Public Outreach Team on March 24th from 6:00-7:00 pm to learn more about a proposed traffic diverter as part of the Kearney/Krameria Neighborhood Bikeway!

Join Zoom Meeting:
Call in #: 720 707-2699
Meeting ID: 56028802

In order to lower traffic volumes on Kearney Street/Krameria Street, traffic diverters are proposed on Krameria Street on the north and south side of 17th Avenue Parkway as part of the Kearney Street/Krameria Street Neighborhood Bikeway Project.
A traffic diverter is a raised island located on an approach to an intersection that restricts through access of motor vehicles to reduce traffic on local neighborhood roadways. However, bicycle and local motor vehicle access remain. A traffic diverter will reduce through traffic volumes on Krameria Street and make it a more comfortable environment for people walking and biking.