January 22, 2022



INC Zoning & Planning Mtg

Agenda – meeting beings at 9:30am

The Zoning & Planning Committee (ZAP) will continue the discussion about the future of the Triangle Portion of the National Western Site, a discussion postponed from November so that we could have both the city and the GES Coalition in attendance. Brad Buchanan, the CEO or the National Western Center Authority, and a representative from Community Planning & Development have confirmed attendance for Jan. 22ndRead details here.

Also on the agenda:  Proposed changes to Board of Adjustment by Councilwoman Kniech and Councilwoman Sandoval

Denver Board of Adjustment is comprised of five mayoral appointees and two alternates.  The Board’s sole duty is to hear and decide cases regarding the Denver Zoning Code.  (Example: an appeal by a neighbor after a zoning permit is granted for over-height fence)  Councilmembers Kniech and Sandoval are proposing some immediate changes to the BOA next month (as well as additional changes in the future) and will brief ZAP attendees on the proposed changes.

Links below for watching the LUTI meeting this Tuesday, reviewing the Powerpoint, and teviewing the language of the Bill being considered.

LUTI link for meetings

Powerpoint Presentation

Language of Bill — see Item #1 on Denver Legistar

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Zoning Committee Mission Statement
The mission of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee is to learn about zoning, planning, licensing and urban design issues and processes in Denver, including sidewalks and tree lawns; to assist neighborhood groups in dealing with such matters; and to provide advocacy, recommendations and comments to city government, with emphasis on the need for and importance of involvement of neighbors and neighborhood organizations in city issues.