August 13, 2020

INC Transportation Committee Mtg – AUGUST

The Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Transportation Committee

Everyone is welcome! We discuss a range of transportation, transit, and streets topics, build connections with the agencies and organizations involved, and ensure that neighborhood input is included in plans at all levels! Participants do not need to be INC delegates. You are welcome to participate even if your neighborhood organization is not a member of INC, or you are not active in a neighborhood group. Please pass on this invitation to anyone who might be interested in joining the committee.
This month (August), we have several topics that directly tie to goals in our INC Transportation Platform, including new street design guidelines,  slower vehicle speeds in our neighborhoods, and making our public transit system simpler, more frequent, and more useful to a greater number of residents.

See the agenda below, and register for the meeting at to join us on Thursday!
— Joel

Meeting Notes from the most recent meeting in JUNE here.

Agenda – INC Transportation Committee – Thursday, August 13th, 6:30-8 p.m

  • Short Topics
    • 20 Is Plenty – Jill Locantore, Executive Director of Denver Streets Partnership
      The Denver Streets Partnership has started distributing yard signs calling for a new default speed limit of 20 miles per hour for Denver streets. This is is consistent with our INC Transportation Platform, which calls for revising speed limits based on best practices from other cities, and specifically lowering speeds on local residential streets. Jill will share the specifics of DSP’s request, how would it work, and how it would lead to changing the speeds people actually drive in and through neighborhoods.

    • State Legislative Update – Piep van Heuven, Director of Government Relations, Bicycle Colorado
      Each session there are several pieces of legislation that can affect the safety of the streets in Denver and around Colorado. Piep van Heuven, a regular at our INC Transportation Committee meetings, will give us a brief update on key transportation legislation in the last session including Bicycle Colorado’s 2020 legislative efforts, and what to look forward to next session.
  • Full Topics
    • Denver’s New Complete Streets Guidelines – Riley LaMie, Denver DOTI Senior City Planner
      Denver has released a public review draft of its entirely-new Complete Streets Design Guidelines, so the timing is perfect for us to hear from Riley LaMie, a core member of the team developing these guidelines. INC and its member neighborhoods have called for new design standards that build in safety and comfort for everyone, no matter how you get around the city. We’ll explore how these draft guidelines, when translated next into engineering standards, can move us towards the goals in our Transportation Platform.

    • Reimagine RTD – Bill Sirois, RTD Senior Manager & Julie Skeen, Reimagine RTD Project Team
      Reimagine RTD provides an objective, data-driven process to engage our customers, regional partners, employees and community members in a discussion about how to address RTD’s current challenges, and to determine RTD’s role in meeting the long-term mobility needs of our region. The two main elements of the Reimagine planning effort are: Developing a near-term “System Optimization Plan” and creating a longer-term visionary “Mobility Plan for the Future”. Bill last joined us for a briefing on RTD’s current financial situation, and this topic will now orient us to the future of our regional transit agency and the goals behind the alternatives that are starting to take shape.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the INC Board of Directors selected the Zoom platform for remote meetings for committee, delegate, and Board meetings, and has subscribed to a “Pro” license for all INC meeting use. Committee meetings are starting up, and the Transportation Committee in May set their new format and cadence while maintaining their success at bringing timely, engaging and important topics to an open, citywide group of neighbors.

In the new format, the Committee will:

  • Meet monthly (up from every-other-month), still on the second Thursday of the month
  • Have 90-minute sessions (down from 120-minute meetings), 6:30pm-8pm
  • Share recorded sessions for playback or revisiting (increased accessibility!)
  • Continue presentation-with-Q&A style (with Q&A format changing to meet the online model and avoid the “Zoom bombing” disruption that some meetings have suffered from)
  • Introduce interview-style discussions where that is easier for our invited guests who have information to share but no prepared presentation
  • Introduce “lightning talk” short topics — 5-minute committee member presentations on challenges, successes, and ideas others can learn from or help with. Slides/visuals welcome where helpful. I’m a big fan of this format for a focused presentation of an idea without the pressure of developing a long talk.

Please send your ideas for discussion/topics to Joel Noble, INC Transportation Committee Chair using this email link — What do you want to hear about? Do you have a short topic on which you’d like to present? What advice do you have based on your online meeting experiences? How would you like to help?