January 9, 2020


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The Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Transportation Committee will meet on Thursday, January 9th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 1201 Williams Street, 19th Floor.

Everyone is welcome! We discuss a range of transportation, transit, and streets topics, build connections with the agencies and organizations involved, and ensure that neighborhood input is included in plans at all levels! Attendees do not need to be INC delegates. You are welcome to participate even if your neighborhood organization is not a member of INC, or you are not active in a neighborhood group. Please pass on this invitation to anyone who might be interested in joining the committee — they can use this form to be added to our growing e-mail list!

Happy new year, Denver!

The INC Transportation Committee is starting off the year with a big meeting filled with very timely topics — please join us and bring a neighbor!

Our January 9th meeting focuses on RTD and topics from the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure:

  • Our committee’s first-ever small panel discussion with a trio of long-serving RTD Board members discussing the agency’s current challenges and path forward.
  • Pat Kennedy will be talking with us about the city’s snow plowing practices along with the 2020 street paving schedule, map, and key metrics.
  • Nick Williams will share with us the future direction of bike and scooter sharing in the city, which is urgent in light of the end of B-Cycle this month.
  • We will end our meeting with a preview of the new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure’s 2020 priorities from Executive Director Eulois Cleckley.

Read on for the detailed agenda, a request for help, event announcements, and our 2020 committee schedule.

See you on Thursday, January 9th!
— Joel

INC Transportation Committee – Thursday, January 9th, 6-8 p.m at 1201 Williams St., 19th Floor

  1. RTD Board Perspective on Operator Shortage, General Manager Search and Reimagine RTD — RTD Board members Angie Malpiede, Jeff Walker and Kate Williams

    At a time of great challenge and change at RTD, we’re grateful to welcome three long-serving RTD Board members for an informal discussion about the changes they’ve seen in their time on the Board, how the current issues have developed, the future with an interim and permanent search for replacement CEO/General Manger, and the recently-launched Reimagine RTD effort.

  2. Snow Plowing Practices and 2020 Paving Program — Pat Kennedy, Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure

    Following the December snowstorm and many cold days following that left rutted streets around Denver, we’ll hear from Pat Kennedy, Engineering Manager in Denver DoTI. Pat will share with us the decision points and processes for de-icing, sanding and plowing Denver streets, and a perspective on what circumstances can result in prolonged difficulties for drivers, bike riders, and pedestrians. He will also preview the paving program for the coming year: which neighborhoods and arterials are on the plan for repaving, how the addition of a third paving crew has changed what can be done in a year, how paving is coordinated with utility work that digs up streets, and how DoTI communicates to neighbors.

  3. Short Break (with snacks!)
  4. The Future of Bike & Scooter Share in Denver — Nick Williams, Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure

    Denver B-Cycle recently announced it would shut down, closing at the end of January 2020, after nine years of operation. At the same time, the City announced an upcoming bidding process for bike share and scooter operators, replacing the current permit system pilot with a system of contracts with one or more providers. What do we know about what’s been working and hasn’t been? How will the new approach help us reach our mobility goals?  When will the RFP go out and when might we see new options on the street? Nick Williams with DoTI is a key person in this work and will share the details.

  5. A Look Ahead for 2020 — Eulois Cleckley, Executive Director, Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure 

    We are excited to start the year once again with Eulois Cleckley, who will share the 2020 DoTI transportation projects. We’ll also recognize the completion of the voter-approved reorientation of Public Works into the new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. It’s always great when the head of a department joins us to talk about how upcoming work, evolving plans, and updated standards that will improve the safe mobility across Denver.


1201 Williams St., Denver, CO