May 5, 2020


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INC – Group Living Proposal Changes

From:  Christine O’Connor & Ean Thomas Tafoya, INC Zoning and Planning Committee

Group Living Proposal Changes presented by Community Planning and Development
Tuesday, May 5, 2020  — This is a virtual meeting – see below for link.  

In recent months, INC members attended a meeting to hear the proposed changes to Denver’s Zoning Code regarding household size, and residential care uses. The Zoning & Planning Committee of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) submitted a letter on Group Living proposal.  Numerous other concerns have been raised by neighbors and residents throughout the City since that time.

CPD is now proposing minor changes and will present them Tuesday May 5th at 11 AM to members of the Group Living Advisory Committee. There were 40+ members appointed to that group, but only 10 neighborhood appointees were included. There are no representatives from Council Districts 1,3,4,5,6,8 or 11.

All of the information on how to dial in, as well as the new proposal, is available by clicking  here .

We strongly encourage you to mark your calendars so that you can listen in to the upcoming virtual meeting of the Group Living Advisory Committee this Tuesday.

Christine and Ean
 Mission Statement for INC Zoning and Planning Committee
The mission of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee is to learn about zoning, planning, licensing and urban design issues and processes in Denver, including sidewalks and tree lawns; to assist neighborhood groups in dealing with such matters, and to provide advocacy, recommendations and comments to city government, with emphasis on the need for and importance of involvement of neighbors and neighborhood organizations in city issues.


Virtual Meeting