February 8, 2020



INC Delegate Meeting February

Inter Neighborhood Cooperation is the umbrella organization for Denver’s Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs).  Their meetings are open to the public and address issues of interest to neighborhoods across the city.

February INC Delegate Meeting — Agenda
8:30am – Networking with neighborhood leaders – Coffee and light refreshments
9:00am – INC business/committee report
10:00am – Group Living Advisory Committee proposed recommendations.

One of the key goals of Denver’s Comprehensive Plan 2040 is to “support housing as a continuum to serve residents across a range of incomes, ages and needs,” and this includes preserving existing affordable housing, reducing displacement, and ensuring that equity is woven into all city policies, processes and plans.   In 2018, Denver Community Planning & Development created a task force of stakeholders (Group Living Advisory Committee) to begin examining barriers to newer housing configurations, and to make some improvements to the group living section of the Code.

INC ZAP had Andrew Webb, Senior City Planner, report on proposed recommendations from the Group Living Advisory Committee in October 2019.  CPD has planned two public open houses and INC’s Board passed a resolution on Jan. 13, 2020 calling on CPD to sponsor one meeting in each Council regarding the proposed changes.   CPD is now planning to add more meetings, but for now, the three announced meetings are posted here on our Civic Association in our Events Calendar.  Here is the first one held in partnership with INC:

Feb 8, 2020 Meeting Location:
Willis Case Golf Course
4999 Vrain St
Denver, 80212


4999 Vrain St., Denver, CO 80212