July 21, 2020


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Historic District Round-Up

What is a historic district? Do you currently live in one? Are you interested about learning more about them?
In our rapidly changing world, local historic districts help preserve our city’s heritage while also helping guide future community growth.  Denver is home to more than 50 historic districts of all shapes and sizes.  Historic districts bring many benefits to owners and the community at-large, including: encouraging better design quality for new construction, protecting the environment, increasing business recruitment potential, helping boost local economies through tourism, and providing tangible links to the past resulting in countless educational opportunities.  They’ve even been proven to provide social and psychological benefits!
Those living in districts are the stewards of these tremendous resources, and we know you have questions about home-care, financial incentives, historical connections, upgrades and additions, preservation policy, and more.
So, mark your calendars for our annual Historic District Round-Up next month, on
Tuesday July 21st! This FREE EVENT will certainly be an enlightening experience and is a great way to obtain the resources and tips needed for those interested in or currently living in one of our city’s historic districts.