August 19, 2020



Group Living Text Amendment Public Hearing

These proposed text amendments would overhaul the Zoning Code’s regulations for residential uses. Key changes include updates to the way the code regulates households, consolidation of all Residential Care uses into a single system regulated by size, rather than by population served, and addition of a new Congregate Living category that allows for the evolution of residential uses that are not in conventional dwelling units. Contact Andrew Webb, Senior City Planner for information.

The City welcomes your comments on pending text amendments. Comments may be provided by mail or in person at public hearings. The following types of written comments are accepted:

  • Citizen comments
  • RNO position statements

For complete instructions on when and how to submit comments, visit the Contact the Planning Board page.

On July 31, the Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association submitted a letter of opposition for the proposed Group Living Text Amendments. Group Living Code letter final