November 16, 2020



East Area Plan City Council Public Hearing

The East Area Plan will come before City Council on Nov 16.  Public comment will be available at the hearing.  You may sign up to speak here (sign up begins at 4:30pm on Monday, Nov 16)


Watch the hearing live on Denver’s Channel 8 or online at

Zoom link and help on how to watch City Council meetings

The legislative review of the East Area Plan began Wednesday, October 7 when the Denver Planning Board voted to approve the latest draft of the plan. On October 11 the Land Use and Transportation Infrastructure Committee (LUTI) met and approved forwarding the plan to City Council.  This phase of the planning process is the culmination of three years of work by residents and community members in South Park Hill, Hale (Hilltop North), Montclair and East Colfax.  The draft plan reflects the ideas and vision of thousands of community members and honors what makes East Denver special to so many.
What does the plan do?
The plan addresses key neighborhood needs—helping local businesses remain and thrive, affordable housing, preserving the diversity of East Colfax Avenue as well as neighborhood architecture, trees and open spaces, and making it easier and safer to get around—by providing policy recommendations that will guide city decision-making over the next 20 years.

Click here for a comprehensive review on the East Area Plan and the Council Public Hearing on Nov 16

Comment from Wende Reoch, CPHCA Board Director and member of the East Area Plan Steering Committee
Three years ago, I was asked to participate in the planning portion of the East Area Plan process, along with other volunteer community members, some representing other RNOs (Registered Neighborhood Organizations), individual businesses and non profit organizations serving the business community along Colfax.  I share some of my thoughts about the NPI here – Neighborhood Plans (and why they are important).  It has been a great experience and I encourage you to read the East Area Plan draft and communicate your thoughts about the plan to your Council Members before the public hearing on Nov. 16.
The Neighborhood Planning Initiative provides an opportunity to establish the community’s vision for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in these neighborhoods for decades to come.  A majority of the of Plan’s recommendations are agreed upon: supporting local business, revitalizing the Colfax corridor, improving parks/open space and mobility. The parts of the Plan that are controversial, including density and building heights, have a balance between competing viewpoints.  For these reasons, I am supporting the plan and urging the city council to approve it.  I also include these letters of support for the East Area Plan. I found them helpful in providing more detailed information about the EAP and local businesses along the Colfax corridor: Fax Partnership EAP Support Letter and Colfax/Mayfair Business Improvement District