August 18, 2021



District 3 Neighborhood Watch Training

How to Get Involved in Your Community

Community group involvement keeps you informed about the specific issues and important events in your neighborhood. Crime prevention in your specific neighborhood can be molded by your active role in the decision making process often spearheaded by organized neighborhood associations.

In-Person Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training at Denver Police District 3 Station on August 18th at 6pm – 1625 S. University Blvd Wednesday, August 18th at 6pm Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training. Denver Police District 3’s Neighborhood Watch program encourages a partnership between Officers and the Residents they serve.  Officers promote Neighborhood Connectivity by encouraging Neighbors to get to know one another, and teaching residents how to effectively observe and report suspicious behavior.  This program creates awareness through Implicit Bias education – reminding neighbors – it’s the person’s behavior, not the person to be mindful of when observing and reporting suspicious behavior to the Police. To RSVP for this presentation please email [email protected]