June 2, 2020



District 3 DPD Community Advisory Board Meeting

The next scheduled CAB video conference will be on June 2nd at 6 pm.  The link and instructions will be posted here and on Nextdoor as soon as we receive them from District 3.  If you would like to sign up to receive these notices yourself and to receive the link and instructions to join the virtual meetings, please email Christie Mochoruk to get on their list.

Recap of May 5 Meeting: May 2020

While we have seen a decrease in some types of crime, auto theft is still on the rise.  Please remember to remove valuables from your vehicles, lock doors – both auto and home, and with warmer weather upon us, please remember if you must leave a window open for ventilation, secure it’s ability to open with a dowel. Also it’s important to note that around 1 in 3 vehicles stolen in our area had the keys in them at the time of their theft.

Now is a great time to remind your neighbors to register their bikes online at denvergov.org/police.  It takes just a few minutes, but if your bike is stolen it’s your best chance to get it back. You can also check the Colorado Sex Offender Registry on denvergov.org/police , use the map feature to access information by neighborhood.

We continue to help make our neighborhoods safer by reporting any suspicious activity we see. A good rule to remember when calling in to report suspicious activity is “In the Act 911, After the Fact Non-Emergency 720-913-2000”.  At the end of your call the dispatcher will ask if you want to be contacted by the responding Officer. Please say YES! Officers cannot have their Peace Disturbed and cannot be Trespassed against, so it is necessary for them to have a complainant to be able to enforce trespassing and disturbing the peace issues. If you have questions or concerns that do not require a police response, please reach out to our Community Resource Officers Matt Grimsley [email protected] and Mike Borquez [email protected]

Thank you for caring about our community’s safety, stay well!

Christie Mochoruk – DPD 3 Neighborhood Watch Program


Virtual Meeting