November 5, 2019



Coordinated Election Day

Please visit the Denver Elections Division for details and information including a sample ballot and local ballot question guide.  Follow the prompts by clicking on the INTERACTIVE SAMPLE BALLOT to access an interactive sample ballot based on your address.  There are School Board races, four referred questions on the ballot and two propositions depending upon where your voting address is located.


  • October 14: 22-day Colorado residency deadline
  • October 14: Ballots begin mailing to active voters
  • October 14: Drop-boxes open across the City
  • October 21: Elections office opens as Vote Center
  • October 28: Vote Centers open across the City
  • November 5: Last day to vote
    • Vote Centers open 7am – 7pm
    • Ballots must be received by 7pm

Click here for a wealth of information at the Denver Elections Office