April 10, 2021



Climate Action: It Starts and Ends in Neighborhoods

A community forum brought to you by Denver InterNeighborhood Cooperation.

The meeting is open to the public and will be translated simultaneously into Spanish.

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Please join Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation as we honor Earth month with our first Community Climate Forum hosted by the new Climate & Sustainability Committee.

What will Denver’s sustainable and resilient neighborhood of the future look and feel like? How can we work together to respond to the climate crisis while at the same time creating a healthier and more equitable city?

During this forum, we will meet our community and city leaders who are leading the way to address climate challenges through urban planning innovations, transportation network design, natural resource management and shifts in how we power our
buildings and vehicles. Overviews of these plans and programs will help Denverites to imagine our future and guide us as we collaborate in the creation of a sustainable, resilient, and just Denver. Participants will gain a sense of promise by learning what is possible and real.

We’ll also hear from Denise Fairchild, PhD, author of Energy Democracy: Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions. As the inaugural President of Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC), a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, Dr.
Fairchild is charged with advancing ECC’s “high-road” mission to green our cities, build resilient local economies and ensure equity inclusion in both the process and outcomes of a new green and healthy economy.

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