October 24, 2022



City Budget Season & Public Hearings


The Mayor released his proposed budget on Sept 15.  The City Council  offered a list of their budget priorities back in May.  Now, over the next few weeks, city council members will have opportunities to respond to the mayor’s proposed budget and citizens have opportunities to watch these hearings and then watch or attend a public hearing on Monday, Oct. 24 at 5:30pm, two weeks before City Council will vote to approve the budget by Nov. 8.

The council hearings are televised live on Channel 8, which you can watch online. Here’s the full schedule for the final three days of hearings this week. Council will discuss technology, community planning and development, Denver International Airport and economic development on Wednesday; the public health, environment, transportation and infrastructure departments and public library on Thursday; and the safety, sheriff, police and fire departments on Friday.

Read the full 2023 Policy and Budget Priorities here.