November 9, 2018



Carson Elementary School Annual Auction

The Carson Annual Auction is the largest fundraiser for the school and will take place on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018 at Soiled Dove in Lowry with a “Masquerade” theme. Over 250 parents and community members from the Hilltop, Cherry Creek and Crestmoor areas will be in attendance.

Carson Elementary houses a Highly Gifted and Talented magnet program and a Deaf and Hard of Hearing program both of which pull students from around the city.  They are also home to an award-winning character education program that is funded through the School’s Auction efforts. Carson administration and teachers have also been hard at work on creating a small group instruction strategy that is being modeled by other schools.

They invite neighborhood help to keep these great programs alive.  Please contact Stephanie Chay, 2018 Carson Auction Co-Chair for information on how to get involved.